Top Celebrity “Do You Know Who I Am” Moments Caught on Camera


When you achieve a certain level of fame and you find yourself in trouble, it’s very easy to default to the “do you know who I am?” response. It adds a nice layer of plot armor to your shenanigans and probably has a very high chance of getting you home free without any further incident. It doesn’t always pan out that way though. When people seem utterly unimpressed by who you are, it just makes you look more entitled and stupid.

Let’s take a look at some of the best times the “do you know who I am?” backfired on a celebrity. Because sometimes you need more than just a well-known face to get out of trouble.


Party crashing is one thing, but party crashing and then saying you invited yourself and proceeding to ask if the actual person throwing the party knows who you are is kind of out there. It’s Drake though, so while it could be one of the crazy things he does, it could also be one of these stories where there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Reese Witherspoon

While Reese has the image of being one of the sweetest people on the planet – and honestly she probably is – back in 2013 she got caught on camera asking a state trooper trying to do his job whether or not he knew her name. The trooper quickly replied with a “I don’t need to know, ma’am” and shut Reese up.


Offset thought the best thing to do when he was stopped for driving around with tinted windows was creating an Instagram live video. He then refused to cooperate with the police and illicit substances and firearms were found in his vehicle. Whoops! 

Shia LaBoeuf

If you want to know what Shia LaBoeuf would be like drunk and halfway through being arrested, wonder no more. He got caught cursing a lot and ranting on about his rights, and for many his arrest in Georgia was the final nail in his coffin as an A-list celebrity. He later thanked the police officer that arrested him that day for changing his life and pushing him towards the path to recovery.

Ariana Grande

Getting caught on camera licking donuts in a display case is probably never a good look, even when you’re Ariana Grande. She did later apologize for the incident and got the health rating for the Wolfee donut shop she went to lowered from A to B.

Ezra Miller

It’s so hard to pick just one moment where Ezra Miller went a bit too far in their star status, trying to get out of a bind. The Hawaiian karaoke bar story still takes the cake, though. As lucid as they appear, Ezra just keeps ranting on about gender identity, religion and something about NFTs, even. So weird.