Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30


Age is not an issue for great actors, no matter if they’re just 10-year-old kids or 90-year-old grandpas. A good actor will always find a way to look amazing in a scene, and here are 10 young and extremely talented actors who may soon turn into major Hollywood superstars.

Timothee Chalamet, 23

One day, little Timmy is yet another forgettable child actor, but the next day he’s already starred in over 20 movies and TV series! Not to mention, he received an Oscar nomination and shamelessly romanced Lily-Rose Depp. Chalamet does not spoil his fans with Instagram posts about his private life. Instead, he has an old-fashioned diary where he keeps all of his secrets. He doesn’t hang out with the boys of his age, but prefers older friends such as Matthew McConaughey.

Timothee Chalamet | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar

Ansel Elgort, 25

Since Ansel was 9 years old, he has been seriously preparing himself for the big-league movie roles, and look at him now! He goes to crazy parties filled with Hollywood stars stomping the dancefloor. In addition to being a successful actor, Elgort is also a great singer and DJ.

Ansel Elgort | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar

Cole Sprouse, 27

Many of you have been familiar with Cole since the 90s, where he played baby Ben Geller, Ross’s son from Friends. He admits that it was the most difficult acting gig in his life because he had a really big crush on Jennifer Aniston. As an adult, Cole got to play in over 30 movies and TV shows, with his most recent one being the popular TV series “Riverdale.”

Cole Sprouse | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar

Asa Butterfield, 22

This charismatic Englishman was nominated for the British Independent Film Award when he was 7, and two years later, he was already filming for Martin Scorsese. According to Asa, he only became successful thanks to his parents, who noticed his acting inclinations and started taking him to auditions.

Asa Butterfield | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar

Cameron Monaghan, 26

This red-haired boy-wonder immediately attracted the attention of numerous producers and agents. At first, he was given small roles, but it soon became clear that the guy also has excellent acting skills in addition to his vibrant appearance. To get cast for more roles, Cameron learned how to fight, snowboard, play keyboards, guitar, drums, ukulele, and many other interesting hobbies. What a guy!

Cameron Monaghan | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar

Bill Skarsgard, 29

Bill first got on the set at the age of 10, although, according to him, he was not a big fan of acting. By the way, one of his brothers, Alexander, is also an actor whom you may know from the TV series “True Blood” and “Pretty Little Liars.” Until recently, everyone considered Alex to be the main celebrity in the family, but after portraying Pennywise in the cult horror film “It,” it became clear that Bill had a great future in the film industry.

Bill Skarsgard | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar

Ezra Miller, 26

As a child, Ezra suffered from a slight speech impediment and studied opera to cope with the problem. After a while, Miller started doing cinema, where he achieved outstanding success, but his childhood passion for music did not remain forgotten. Ezra formed a band called The Sons of an Illustrious Father, with which he has already released two albums and several successful singles.

Ezra Miller | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar

Jacob Elordi, 22

Australian actor Jacob Elordi started his career not on TV but on the catwalk. However, after a few shows, the image of a silent, strong type started to seem boring to him, so Jacob decided to conquer Hollywood. In his debut short film, he played a major role and was the screenwriter, but fame came to Elordi after his role in “The Kissing Booth.” That’s where he met the love of his life — Joey King. Or at least that’s what he thought. After their honeymoon phase, he met Zendaya while filming “Euphoria” and fell in love with her, only to leave her for a model, Kaia Gerber, in 2020. Oof, that’s one busy guy! 

Jacob Elordi | Top 8 World-Class Actors Under 30 | Zestradar