Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020


This year has been a bust for almost everyone, from small businesses to movie theaters. Thousands, if not millions, of people lost their jobs due to COVID and other various factors. But the regular mortals were not the only ones who took a hit this year.

We praise and idolize celebrities, sometimes giving them too much leeway, but that’s because we’re blinded by their past achievements. In 2020 it seems as if the public has finally had enough: no more “stanning,” no more excuses, time to cancel some stars! By canceling, we, of course, mean that the following stars have been added to the Internet’s no-no list for various reasons.

Some of these PR disasters will blow over, while others could potentially land in our future “Twitter History” books. Let’s look at some of the celebrities who got canceled in 2020.

Demi Lovato

The Internet doesn’t like it when one popular celebrity disses another popular celebrity, especially if the offender uses a fake account to do that. Rumors were going down about Demi Lovato using some random Instagram account to post nasty stuff about Selena Gomez, but there’s been no official confirmation from either of the stars. Too bad the Internet doesn’t need proof to cancel someone, and that’s how the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty started trending. Demi didn’t admit to anything and said that she has been “canceled” so many times, she doesn’t even care anymore.

Demi Lovato | Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar

Lil Pump

Remember his one popular song, “Gucci Gang?” What has this young gentleman done to deserve… oh, he openly endorsed Trump? Oof, that’s gotta hurt. And this is even after Trump called him “Little Pimp, big star.” He was one of the very few celebrities who supported Trump’s presidential campaign, and now he’s canceled.

Lil Pump | Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar

Jimmy Fallon

This one has to be the dumbest entry on the list. Jimmy is a comedian, always has been. So when a 20-year-old video of him impersonating Chris Rock pops up in 2020, the whole Internet freaks out. Look, people, if it takes you 20 years to get offended, it wasn’t that offensive in the first place. It’s definitely not the reason to ruin a man’s career.

Jimmy Fallon | Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar

Ellen DeGeneres

Here comes the disappointment of the year – Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen had three whole strikes this year: first, she was accused of being a fake, then she compared being stuck in her huge mansion to being in jail, and then she cut her staff’s paychecks due to the quarantine. Seriously, Ellen, you have like hundreds of millions of dollars, don’t be like that, and don’t pretend like you care.  

Ellen Degeneres | Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar

J. K. Rowling

When Rowling tweets something controversial, the whole world takes up torches and pitchforks. This year her naughty little fingers decided to tap into transphobia. That tweet openly mocking trans-women basically turned Rowling’s career into a dumpster fire. She lost a good chunk of her fanbase, and her future doesn’t seem so bright. Then she releases a book under a pseudonym, where the main villain is a cross-dresser murdering women. Is it something personal? At this point, it has to be, right?

J.K. Rowling | Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar

Tyra Banks

Everyone loves Tyra, or at least they used to. She’s a very popular model with her own show, but as it turns out, she’s not always as discreet as a hostess should be. In one of the early episodes of “America’s Next Top Model,” Tyra can be seen shaming a young girl for having a gap between her teeth. People don’t take kindly to body shaming of any kind in these parts of the Internet, so of course, Tyra was also canceled.

Tyra Banks| Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar

Doja Cat

If you have no idea who Doja Cat is, trust me, you’re not alone. And yet, she’s important enough to get canceled. So what did this starlet do to deserve the Internet’s wrath? Apparently, Doja was seen in racist online chatrooms, you know, video chatting. And that’s how we got the #DojaCatIsOverParty hashtag trending.

Doja Cat | Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar

Vanessa Hudgens

Remember Coachella? Feels like it was just last week that we received the bad news about the festival being canceled due to obvious reasons. And as a big Coachella fan, Vanessa was distraught to the point that she said something very stupid about COVID: “Even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are going to die, which is terrible… but inevitable?” Let’s just say we haven’t heard anything from Hudgens ever since.

Vanessa Hudgens | Top 8 Canceled Celebrities of 2020 | Zestradar