Things You Didn’t Know About Khloe Kardashian


The Kardashian family has been a big part of pop culture for decades now, so it’s hard to imagine they still have secrets for us. Especially when it comes to Kim, her private life has been smeared open in the tabloids time and time again, and their reality show didn’t help retain their privacy either.

That said, there’s still parts of that familly that are hidden from normal people. Khloe is one of the more low profile sisters and there’s things out there that even her biggest fans aren’t always aware of. Let’s take a look at some of these surprising secrets that Khloe Kardashian has.


When she was a teenager, she got a used car from her mom. Khloe however really wanted a new one so as an act of rebellion she stole her mom’s car and went on a joyride with some friends – until the car burst into flames, that is. And to think most people don’t even get a used car to begin with.


Khloe struggled to adapt to shool life in the Catholic school all Kardashian girls went to and decided to become homeschooled instead. This caused her to graduate with honors when she was only 17 years of age!


Khloe has a diary where she loves to write stuff in as she finds it a good way to get things out of her system. Imagine how much the tabloids would pay to read a handful of pages out of that book. But as anyone will tell you – diaries are sacred and shouldn’t be read by anyone, ever.

All Natural

Khloe hasn’t had any plastic surgery done yet and manages to keep her look as natural as possible, but on Howard Stern she did admit to maybe wanting to get a boob job in the future. There’s no real reason for her to get work on her body done, but to each their own.

Memory Loss

Ever since Khloe had that horrible car crash in 2001 where she went through the windshield, the heavy concussion and memory loss has left her with memory problems. That sounds like a rough deal, but we’re mostly just glad she made it out alive. It just shows that nobody is immune to how fast your life can be over, doesn’t it?

Fitness Gear

Khloe has a whole walk-in closet in her house devoted to her fitness gear. She stores a whole bunch of workout gear and as many as 90 pairs of sneakers in there. As you do when you have the money for a big house and 90 pairs of sneakers, I suppose. I wonder if she’s even worn all of them.

Hair Loss

Khloe suffers from severe hair loss whenever she is in a stressful situation. Whenever she ends up in a situation like that, for example during her divorce, you can often see her running around with hair extentions to mask the hair loss. It’s a shame though, I’m sure it would inspire a lot of people if she dared share her condition and the fact that she too is human and can feel stressed out.


The biggest secret to Khloe’s looks are found in the easiets of things. She is a huge advocate of staying properly hydrated and will never start a day without first gulping down a huge glass of water – often infused with fruit, of course. Simple mortals like myself often stick to three huge cups of coffee but I guess when your job is mostly just being there you can afford to not be fully awake by 8 AM.


While she hasn’t really landed any of the big roles yet, Khloe has played herself in the sixth season finale of Royal Pains. Whether this was a one-off acting gig or the start of a new career avenue will remain to be seen, but it does open up possibilities!

Maxed Credit

Khloe once managed to max out her credit card from Victoria’s Secret and instead of asking her family for help, somehow managed to avoid paying off that debt for three years. We’d love to know how she managed that. Seriously. Share your tricks with the rest of the class, girl.