Things You Didn’t Know About Kate Middleton


Being a royal – especially a British royal – means your life in the shadows is over forever. Your every move is being watched and most of your conversations just leak straight to the press. It seems almost impossible that there’d be aspects of these peoples’ lives that we have yet to discover. When you’re a new royal like Kate Middleton however, there’s still a lot more stuff to dig up from the pre-royal years.

Let’s take a look at some things you probably didn’t know about Kate Middleton!

Child Model

Yes, Kate Middleton was a model as a child. Her parents were owners of a company called Party Pieces and they often had Kate and her sister Pippa model for the catalogs. Naturally once this news became public the pictures quickly got released and went viral, as you’d expect.

Wanted to be Called Catherine

At one point, Kate wasn’t too big of a fan of her Kate-name and actually sent out an email to her friends asking them to start calling her Catherine instead. It turned out she was trying to sound more royal since at that point it was all but set in stone that she would be getting engaged to William.

Meeting the Queen

Usually when you’re dating someone, one of the first things that happens is meeting their family. But that’s not how it works when the person you’re dating has the Queen of England for a grandma. Apparently, during the long period of time when William and Kate were trying to figure out whether their relationship was going to last or not, there was zero interaction between Kate and the Queen. They were only formally introduced to each other on William’s 21st birthday.

Allergic to Horses

People can be allergic to all kinds of things, but considering how British royalty and nobility are often associated with horses, this is a bit surprising. She is trying to take horse riding lessons and move past her allergy (or aversion?) to horses though. Whether it’s an actual allergy or not, I doubt we’ll ever know unless we see her violently sneezing while riding horseback.

Related to George Washington

Well, there’s a small caveat to this. She is in fact related to George, so that’s not the problem, but according to science Kate is his eighth cousin, eight times removed. It’s … it’s going to be pretty hard to find someone that isn’t related to someone famous by that degree, not gonna lie.

Lived In Jordan

For a few years as a child, Kate lived in Amman in Jordan. This was because her father was at the time working as a flight dispatcher. Kate still looks back on her time in Jordan very fondly and was even reportedly quite upset that William visited Jordan without her for the Save The Children charity.

Love for Red Wine

Most royal families aren’t really that big when it comes to alcohol, but the British royals do allow themselves a beverage or two sometimes. William and Kate are reportedly very big red wine drinkers, and mostly Merlot. Well, big is relative, they appreciate the occasional glass.