The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals


If you’re on the internet from time to time, you’ve probably heard of this man named Dwayne Johnson. Before he was named things as the most sexy man alive, Black Adam, or the hardest worker in the room, Dwayne Johnson was known as The Rock – the people’s champion. And while his career started as a failed NFL player turned wrestler, he has now achieved much more than that. He’s an entrepreneur, a businessman, a successful actor and just an all-round lovely bloke.

He shares a great deal of his life on social media, including his workouts and cheat meals. And since we’re all mortal humans that can’t keep up with this workout routine, let’s look at his cheat meals and see if we can keep up with those.


Don’t get the wrong idea, this isn’t your average “I’m feeling like sushi” sushi meal. The Rock orders sushi for a dozen men, eats it all, and still leaves the table hungry. They say The Rock is equally hungry for success as he is for sushi, which would explain a lot.

Sushi | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar


You probably know that The Rock has his own tequila brand named Teremana. And when cheat meals happen, Teremana happens. Dwayne loves nothing more than to wash down his excessive cheat meals with some excessive amounts of self-made tequila. And who can blame him?

Tequila  | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar


I love pancakes as much as the next guy, but Dwayne Johnson just goes out of his way to eat 12 of them in a row. I could probably manage half of that without puking, but this man has turned his body and all of his organs into something extraordinary.

Pancakes | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar


Quick question: what’s better than one pizza? Yeah, three pizza’s. What’s even better than three pizza’s? Three pizza’s, a box of 12 doughnuts, a bunch of muffins and some other stuff to top it off. Who eats all of this and still finds the courage to go exercise?

Pizza  | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar


By now you’re getting the idea that none of these meals are made for mortal men. In fact, The Rock doesn’t just have brownies. No sir, he has the biggest brownies you can imagine, adds blondies, adds huge chocolate chip cookies and tops it off with half a cheesecake. I feel like this’d be the kind of meal where I’m not only cheating on my diet, but also on my wife.

Brownies | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar


Everyone loves a good burger every now and then, but Dwayne Johnson isn’t a man that stops after his first burger. No sirree, Dwayne instantly goes for the double. What do you mean, the burgers look huge? Have you seen that man’s arms! He can totally take them.

Burgers | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar

Belgian Waffles

The Rock’s love for Belgian waffles will make you reconsider all your life’s choices. In pure Rock fashion, he covers them in maple syrup and peanut butter for that extra flavor. And then he has three of the biggest waffles you’ve ever seen.

Belgian Waffles  | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar

More Sushi

Seriously, this man loves sushi. I mean, I think everyone loves sushi, but The Rock just *really* loves sushi. I guess his sushi train really doesn’t stop once it leaves the station.

More Sushi | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar

Pasta and Bagels

By far the weirdest-sounding combination on this list, The Rock has a thing for pasta and bagels. I’m not sure how this would make for a good combination, but luckily Dwayne has everything figured out and has some Teremana ready to wash the flavor down.

Pasta and Bagels | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar

Brioche French Toast

And yes, that is once again maple syrup and peanut butter on top of it. Just look at that plate, that’s cardiac arrest waiting to happen right there. This is no cheat meal for mere mortals, kids. Don’t try this at home. Or at a restaurant.

Brioche French Toast  | The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals | Zestradar