Riverdale Star Cole Sprouse Claims Hollywood Almost Broke His Mother


Cole Sprouse, best known for starring in popular television series like Friends and Riverdale, seems as if he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The boy and his twin brother, Dylan, have been in show business since they were children, making their debut very young, thanks to their loving mommy and her networking skills.

Growing up in Hollywood has undoubtedly influenced Cole’s upbringing and his perspective on life. However, it’s not just Cole who has been affected by the entertainment industry but also the rest of his immediate family, especially his mother, Melanie.

Baby Sprouse has been in the limelight since he was a wee toddler, appearing in diaper commercials and various TV shows. He has grown up with the constant attention of the media, paparazzi, and, more recently, after playing Jughead on Riverdale, his nosy fans.

If there’s one way that Hollywood fame has influenced Cole, aside from teaching him how to look stylish, it is by making him more self-aware. Sprouse has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression, which he attributes to his fame. Cole has said that he feels like he is always being watched and judged, which can be overwhelming at times. Despite the challenges that come with making it big in Hollywood, Cole has also used his platform to raise awareness about social issues. He has been vocal about supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and has used his social media accounts to educate his followers about systemic racism.

Now, you can imagine how much pressure was on Melanie, Cole’s mom, who had to take care of two baby boys and cut out some time for herself, even if that time was spent on drugs or alcohol. Thankfully, she was familiar with how things work in showbiz and even had a few connections. As a result, Melanie has been able to provide valuable guidance and support to her kids.

However, Hollywood fame has also taken a huge toll on the poor woman. In a recent interview, Cole said that as he and his twin brother started making money, their mom got dollar signs in her eyes and became increasingly selfish and greedy to the point that she lost her parenting privileges in court. Fortunately, the father was more than happy to take over that role, even though he made the boys eat healthy food and didn’t let them do whatever they wanted, like their mother used to do.

In the end, Cole didn’t want to be seen as a victim here since he does not like to wear victimhood on his shoulder. He said, “What happened in my youth happened and carved and forged me into the person I am today.”