Netflix’ One Piece Praised for Casting Morgan Davies, The Trans Evil Dead Rise Star


In case you weren’t aware of recent events in entertainment land: Netflix finally managed to make a live-action adaptation of a beloved anime series that was ridiculously good. It’s been praised among fans and people new to the series alike, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I can very much recommend starting as soon as possible. 

The show has already been renewed for a second season, which has also been a rare occurrence on Netflix lately. From the visuals to the authentic anime tone that somehow matches the real live format, there’s plenty of reasons for everyone to enjoy this series. One of the amazing points of the adaptation is that they managed to get the casting down to perfection. Not in the least because of their casting of Australian actor Morgan Davies.

The somewhat shy Koby is the first person on Luffy’s path towards getting to the Grand Line to find the One Piece and become the king of pirates (don’t worry, it’ll make more sense if you watch the show). While Koby and Luffy become friends almost instantly, mostly due to the fact that Luffy instantly becomes friends with everyone, Koby leaves the pirate crew early on to chase his dream of becoming a marine—the biggest enemy of pirates. 

Well, apart from pirates themselves, I suppose. Many fans are praising the casting of Morgan as Koby, some of them even going so far as to admit that Koby was already trans in their head canon.

While Morgan plays a huge role in the Netflix series, you’ve probably seen him in Evil Dead Rise as well. The young star went from being virtually unknown to becoming an icon of trans representation in movies and TV shows in the span of a few months! And since he’s only 21 years old, that means that there’s a long and successful career in the future for this brave actor. 

Morgan had been acting ever since he was a child but took a hiatus from acting when he came out of the closet at about 13. We’re glad that Morgan is back and can’t wait to see him be the perfect Koby in season 2 of One Piece, and hopefully in lots and lots more projects on the horizon!