Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Her Hair Growing Back, Fans Think She’s Lying About Illness


Jada Pinkett Smith has become well known in the public eye through her acting career and later through her social media series called “Red Table Talk. On Red Table, she has been very transparent about her hair loss. Pinkett Smith discussed back in May of 2021 when it began happening, and she said it was “terrifying when it first started. But she has opened up recently about positive changes to her hair loss situation. Read on to learn all about Jada Pinkett Smith, the big reveal on her hair growth, and the reaction from her fans.

Before her struggle began with alopecia, an illness that causes hair loss, Jada Pinkett Smith had long locks of hair. But she recalls that when her hair first started shedding, a handful fell out when she was showering. She was so fearful at the thought of losing her hair that she was “shaking with fear.”

She went on to explain why she was consistently going shorter with her hair style. She had said it was a part of her, and that it was a “beautiful ritual” to keep it intact. Then, towards the end of 2021, she shared a video that revealed her bald head. It showed scars on her scalp that were from alopecia. She specifically pointed to a long line of naked scalp that was almost an inch from her natural hairline. She even made a joke about it saying that it looked like she might have had “brain surgery or something.”

But just recently, Pinkett Smith shared a video that revealed she could be making some improvements in the hair department. The caption read, “This here hair is act’n like it’s try’n a make a come back. Still have some trouble spots, but — we’ll see.” 

The first slide was a photo from the past that showed her pointing to a picture of herself. The image was of her with a bald head and a diamond necklace, and white sweater. The second photo slide was a relaxed photo she took in a garden, which featured her with a pixie cut. 

Many people have shared positive comments and reposts about the star and her wonderful hair growth. But not everyone has not been supportive of her journey with alopecia. Flashback to when comedian Chris Rock made negative comments about Jada’s hair and her husband Will Smith smacked him onstage for it at the 2022 Oscars, and people have been questioning her battle with alopecia ever since. 

One person online commented, “I don’t believe she ever had alopecia. I could always tell it was just shaved down to the extreme. Probably sick of dealing with her hair for a while.” Another user said, “ Let’s be clear, she self diagnose alopecia. The whole family needs to go away.”

Because of her response to Chris Rock’s negative comment, where she actually laughed, some think she could not really be suffering from the hair loss disease. “She never had alopecia. That was a buzz cut; you don’t see stubble with alopecia,” another person said online. 

Many people have questioned the legitimacy of her claim to have the disease. Another user commented, “She lied about the ‘alopecia,’” one insisted. “I don’t believe she ever had alopecia. I could always tell it was just shaved down,” they said. 

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 18: Jada Pinkett Smith attends “The Matrix Resurrections” Red Carpet U.S. Premiere Screening at The Castro Theatre on December 18, 2021 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images)

Another user said, “She’s a phony, lol. I knew she was lyin’ about her alopecia! Your hair (for the most part) grows back!”

To know whether or not people overall believe she has the illness, it is hard to decide. But what is true for sure is that her hair is growing back and the actor seems to be very excited about it.