Iconic Celebrity Siblings Who Can’t Stand Each Other


When it comes to family, people often throw around the phrase “blood is thicker than water.” It alludes to the fact that when it comes to your blood relatives, you’re willing to let them go just a bit further because, at the end of the day, your family is what matters most. Sadly, reality often turns out differently, even when it comes to people who come from celebrity families. Let’s take a look at some iconic celebrity siblings who can’t stand each other anymore.

1. Liam and Noel Gallagher

No matter how much you may or may not love Oasis, you’ll never hate Oasis as much as the brothers that were a part of it. Liam and Noel haven’t been on speaking terms for as long as any sane human being can remember, and it doesn’t look like they’re any closer to literally and figuratively getting the band back together.

2. Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears

Being Britney’s sister probably isn’t an easy thing to do in the best of times, but picking your parents’ side over your sister when she publicly slams them over how they’ve been dealing with her mental issues and the conservatorship – that’s probably even harder. We’ll never really know what happened in the Spears household after that infamous breakdown of 2008, but depending on which of the sisters you’re asking, you’ll get a whole different story.

3. Michael and Jermaine Jackson

Perhaps the most famous sibling feud of all time, Jermaine grew increasingly frustrated after losing his position as lead singer to his younger brother in the Jackson 5. At one point, Jermaine even claimed that Michael was actively hurting his siblings’ careers, which makes no sense considering all the work he did with his sister Janet.

4. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashians, you probably won’t be aware of the fact that Kim and Kourtney really aren’t on the best of terms. The Kardashian sisters often get into arguments over things that can only be described as “white people problems” at best, and those arguments have even led to physical fights on several occasions.

5. Christopher Ciccone and Madonna

We’d never heard about Christopher Ciccone until his book “Life With My Sister Madonna” was about to be released – which is sadly also the moment Madonna found out about the book. Despite Madonna being the ultimate pop star diva, we can kind of understand why she wasn’t too pleased with her brother trying to make a quick buck by spilling some secrets about her comings and goings. Despite Christopher having been a part of Madonna’s crew for years, apparently, the feud started when he wasn’t hired to be tour director for the Drowned World tour.

6. Kelly and Aimée Osbourne

Very few people know that Ozzy Osbourne has another kid apart from Kelly and Jack, but Aimée had refused to join the series from the very start. While on the one hand we can only respect her decision to value her privacy above everything else, it does turn out that Aimée and Kelly are also not exactly on speaking terms and have been very estranged from one another.