How Jonah Hill Turned into an Oscar Nominee Style Icon


If you’re somewhat aware of Jonah Hill’s past, you know that he started out playing the fat kid in pretty low-quality comedy movies. If you look at the guy now, that seems almost impossible to imagine since he managed to reinvent himself, become a serious actor/writer, and even somewhat of a style icon. Let’s see how his transformation happened.

Despite only reaching the mainstream when he played in Superbad, Jonah always kind of wanted to be an actor in serious movies. You probably wouldn’t tell from seeing the list of movies he played in on IMDB. He was kind of stuck being the clumsy, funny, somewhat daft guy until he finally caught a break and was cast for a role in Moneyball. It showed the world a whole different Jonah Hill that was able to act, and it even netted him a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination!

Despite having finally made it in a serious movie, Jonah still got cast for things like 21 Jump Street and still had to deal with being typecast as the clumsy guy. His really big break was when he was cast for The Wolf of Wall Street, which got him his second Oscar nomination. After that, it seemed like the world realized what this guy was capable of.

And despite Hill now being a far more serious actor, he still goofs around in real life. He’s massively improved his sense of style and has even directed a documentary about psychological health back in 2022. It earned a whopping 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and while that honestly doesn’t mean that much, it does mean that at least a lot of people that saw it thought it was a great project.

In 2023 we can see Hill starring in a comedy alongside the great Eddie Murphy so far, and at this point, it’s anyone’s guess what this man is gonna do next. By now he’s pretty much proven that he can do whatever he wants and he’ll be good at it, so just let the man do his thing.