Celebrities Who Look Better With Each Passing Year


Have you noticed that while ageing is a natural part of life, some celebrities seem to just look better with every passing year? And we don’t just mean that they use all sorts of cosmetic procedures to stay looking young. No, some celebrities actually age in the best way possible and just seem to become even better looking through the years, it’s like they finally find the best version of themselves and just keep striving for that ideal. Let’s take a look.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill got very lucky with his looks. That jawline just screamed “I will be Superman” way before we knew that he was going to be cast as one. But while that was expected, no one expected him to look that hot as the Witcher, but Henry proved everyone wrong. And even with a moustache, he looks hot AF. 

Gwen Stefani

Do you remember how cool Gwen Stefani seemed in the early 2000s when she wore all those cool outfits? Yeah well, she looks even better now. 

Miles Teller

Miles Teller went from “that boy looks like he has potential” to “that man looks incredible”.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is known for being hot. And while it might seem that she’s just always been this way and she just keeps looking the same, if you look at her photos through the years you’ll notice that she did in fact become even more attractive.

Adam Driver

How did Adam Driver go from that awkward but strangely hot dude from Girls to Kylo Ren – the epitome of hotness? What’s more mindblowing is that he didn’t stop there and keeps becoming more attractive with each passing year.

Timothee Chalamet

Not that many people knew who Timothee Chalamet was before Call Me By Your Name. And while he looked cute in that teenage kind of way, he went on to grow up into a very attractive young man. And while he still seems shy on occasion, you see that he’s had quite a confidence boost and that makes him even more handsome. 

Tom Hiddleston

Tom was well known in Britain even before the Avengers, he’s been in quite a few movies and BBC dramas. And while he was attractive in a gentle period drama kind of way, the role of Loki propelled him into the stratosphere of hotness. And he’s been there ever since. 

Jason Momoa

Who knew Jason Momoa could go from such cute boyish looks to such a hunk of man? He just keeps looking manlier and better with every year, while still retaining that boyish charm and a fun personality. 

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has changed over the years, but the facial hair and the added years really suit him. 

Daniel Radcliffe

He went from The Boy Who Lived, to the man who’s charming and funny and just so beyond talented, and so attractive.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block is looking better than ever and we still can’t believe that a) she’s in her 50s and b) she’s back with Ben Affleck and they got married. Life really came full circle.

Lisa Bonet

It seems like Lisa just refuses to age and instead she just keeps looking more bewitching each year.