Celebrities Wearing the Same Outfit and Smashing Gender Stereotypes


While there’s a lot to be said about how unique celebrities usually dress when going to events, they do seem to fall into the same tropes of gender-based clothing. Women wear dresses and jumpsuits, men wear suits and shirts. There’s no two ways about it: gender still very much defines clothing.

Some celebrities however, aren’t having any of it. Whether they did it on purpose or not, there have been quite a few situations where a male and female celebrity seemingly swapped outfits between events and showed up wearing the same thing. So without further ado: “Who Wore it Better?” – the battle of the sexes version.

Naomi Campbell and Antoni Porowski

While a one-button jacket would usually be associated with a more female look, Naomi Campbell and Antoni Porowski prove that both genders can pull off wearing a coffee brown suit with a one button jacket. Antoni’s matching sneakers are a very nice touch.

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet

They both wore a fuschia suit with matching fuschia shirt. It’s hard to not get noticed in a color that bright. And while Zendaya’s suit clearly has a more female thing going on, especially with those endless legs, it’s nice to see Timothée pulling it off just as well.

Lady Gaga and Harry Styles

Both aren’t exactly known for wearing the “obvious” choice, but this outfit certainly takes the cake when it comes to smashing gender stereotypes. The yellow jackets and lilac scarfs (a Mark Jacobs creation, obviously) match both celebs’ energy and they absolutely nail the look.

Zendaya and Michael B. Jordan

There’s nothing either of two wouldn’t look amazing in, and this textured charcoal gray suit is no different. Zendaya’s tie really brings the outfit together, and Michael B. Jordan keeps on proving why he was voted the most sexy man alive.

Davina McCall and Jonathan Van Ness

I mean, it’s hard to catch Jonathan in anything you’d consider to be the typical male attire, so I guess it only makes sense to add him to this list at least once. In one of his less dramatic looks he matched a transparent high-collar blouse with a lovely classic jacket. Davina looks like she had the same idea, and they both rock it!

Jamie Lee Curtis and Timothée Chalamet

We know that Timothée is no stranger to bright colored suits, but his scarlet red suit must be one of the best outfits we’ve seen him in. Jamie Lee Curtis proves that it’s an outfit that every gender and every age can wear whilst still having that sense of class, style and youthful energy.