Barbra Streisand’s Home is Probably Everything You Wanted in Life


In case you weren’t aware that Barbra Streisand existed before the song, she’s one of the most popular and successful singers of her era. The woman had a gift of turning everything she touched into gold when she was at her prime, and the now 81 year old superstar has two Oscars, five Emmy’s, eight Grammy’s and a Tony to show for it. And she hasn’t only been successful in her professional life. Barbra has been married since 1998 to James Brolin (no, that’s not the guy playing Thanos), and there’s a good reason why in the last 25 years they’ve managed to not get in each other’s way too much: Barbra has a huge mansion.

In case you were wondering, their house is indeed built in the lovely Malibu, California. If being by the Pacific Ocean doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, Barbra has the perfect solution to that problem. Despite having put a lot of work into their house since the early 90’s – when they bought it – Barbra and James have turned their garden into a pure oasis of quiet and peace, with lots of flowers, ponds and a wishing well, for some reason. I’m not particularly superstitious, but I guess when you have the money to get a wishing well in your garden, it can’t hurt to actually do it.

But apart from the lovely and mesmerizing garden, there’s a lot more to Barbra’s 10,485 square foot estate. On the premises she has access to eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, more guest houses than any person could ever need, a barn, a mill house and the formerly mentioned ocean view that will blow your mind. There’s also a building called “Grandma’s” on the premises, which probably has something to do with her grandmother? At least I hope it does.

Barbra and James are huge architecture and art enthusiasts, but due to their age they have a different approach. They’ve discovered that some things shouldn’t be hoarded and if you’re not going to use something, you need to let it be somewhere where it’ll be fully appreciated, no matter how much you may want it. And especially Barbra’s love for art and being an artist is very apparent in how she deals with her house’s interior.

The interior of the house basically has two color scales: burgundy and gray. The couple couldn’t decide on which color to go with, so they did halfsies on both and color coordinate it to perfection. The burgundy color for example can range to almost pink, while the gray goes all the way to almost black. Inside the room, everything from flowers to even candy wrappers is color coordinated to match the color of the walls, without exception.

And to top it all off, the couple also has a basement. Now what would you do with a basement so big? If you’re Barbra Streisand, you’d turn it into a mall. That’s right, a mall. She doesn’t just store her collectibles, she stalls them out like they’re part of a street of quaint little shops. This woman sure know how to make a house stand out!