9 Celebrities Who Practice Meditation to Stay Healthy


Most people struggle with stress and anxiety from time to time, but when you’re a celebrity constantly under the microscope, it can become especially challenging to find ways to deal with life’s difficulties. This is why so many singers, actors and entertainers recognize the therapeutic benefits of meditation. Some of them have been meditating for decades while others have only recently started utilizing relaxation techniques. Here are some high profile celebrities who have made meditation part of their lifestyle. 

Selena Gomez

The pop singer has spoken at length about her battles with depression and anxiety. In 2018 she devoted a lot of time to her mental wellness. According to People, the singer spent two weeks in New York City undergoing therapy at an on-site treatment facility. Among other things, she concentrated on eating right, low intensity Pilates workouts and meditation. Through this program, she is learning how to better manage her health. In particular, she is learning how to accept negative thoughts and find ways to modify them. As part of her meditation, she uses breathing techniques to help her stay relaxed.

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Tina Turner

Although singing at her Baptist church as a way to deal with sadness and loneliness paved the way for Turner to become one of the greatest soul singers of all time, it was her conversion to Buddhism as an adult that helped her deal with her struggles, including her decision to leave her notoriously abusive husband and musical partner Ike. For her, the appeal of Buddhism is less about its religious aspects and more about the science and philosophy behind it. Through meditation, she feels more whole both physically and spiritually.

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Hugh Jackman

Although the Wolverine star is well known for his intense, physical workout regimens as he whips himself into shape for the role, he understands the importance of striking the right balance. This is where meditation comes in. He started doing it in 1995 and it’s benefited him in so many ways. In particular, he’s been able to treat some of his obsessive compulsive behavior.

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With a record-setting 28 Grammys, three lovely children (including twins!) and a husband who happens to be a billionaire rapper/businessman, you’d think the legendary singer has it easy. But she stresses out just like the rest of us. Giving birth to twins is no walk in the park, so Beyoncé sought out various ways to cope, including breathing exercises, acupuncture and meditation.

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Thanks to the billions she’s made as the queen of daytime talk, Oprah can have pretty much anything she needs. We imagine her Gucci handbags cost as much as a ritzy house in the Chicago suburbs. But there’s one thing money cannot buy: Zen. But she’s working on it! Back in 2011, she began hiring meditation instructors to help her and the Harpo Studios staff with relaxation techniques. They’ve certainly gotten the results they’re looking for: fewer headaches, better sleep, and stronger relationships with their friends and family.

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Angelina Jolie

Jolie wears a lot of hats. She’s an actress, a director, an author, a philanthropist, a humanitarian and a devoted mother of six children. So how does she manage to find time in her schedule to do some meditation? It turns out, she does it during playtime with the kiddies. In past interviews she has discussed how she’ll meditate while her children are coloring pictures or jumping on the trampoline. She doesn’t subscribe to any particular technique; instead, her philosophy is that if she’s having fun and feeling happy with her family, that’s her definition of meditation.

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The rockstar has been discussing the benefits of meditation and yoga for more than 3 decades, even once discussing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno how it has improved his love life. He compares his passion for yoga to his musical career. Much like an artist must always find ways to develop themselves as musicians and continue to learn, meditation is likewise a journey that never ends.

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Paul McCartney

The leader singer of the Beatles, arguably the most influential rock band in history, was way ahead of the curve in more ways than one. While meditation didn’t really go mainstream until the 1990s, Sir Paul has been doing it for almost 55 years! It all started when he attended a talk hosted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, in 1967. McCartney has noted that the 60s were a hectic time for him, and he needed a system of relaxation. The Beatles moved off to Rishikesh, India for a few months to learn from the meditation guru himself, and in their spare time wrote many of the songs that ended up on their legendary White Album.

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Lady Gaga

The singer suffers from fibromyalgia – a painful muscle condition – and PTSD, which was triggered by a sexual assault at the age of 19. As a result, she finds meditation to be one of the most effective ways to deal with her physical and psychological struggles. She even hosted a 20-minute meditation session on her Instagram account so that her followers could learn how to meditate as well.

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