9 Celebrities and Their Bizarre Superstitions


Are you afraid to spill the salt? Do you get spooked by a fluffy black cat crossing your way? Or maybe walking under ladders makes you feel like you’re about to die? Don’t worry, many of us are subject to such superstitions. Psychologists even have an explanation: the human brain would rather attribute any incomprehensible event to the influence of supernatural forces than think logically. 

And would you look at that – celebrities are humans too (for the most part), and they believe in omens, good and bad, even more than the rest of us. And let’s just say some of these superstitions will blow your mind.

1.Marlon Brando

Every time Marlon Brando gives his friends a birthday gift, it’s not some fancy gadget or jewelry, as many might think, but free-range ostrich eggs. And he also requested other people to do the same on his birthday. According to the actor, ostrich eggs drive away envy and misfortune and attract prosperity.

2.James McAvoy

If you suddenly meet James McAvoy and hear the phrase “White Rabbit” from him, that’s his way of asking the Universe for some good luck. The “X-Men” star believes this will attract good fortune for an entire month, but only if the magical words are the first thing he says to a stranger.

3.Robert Pattinson

It’s hard to believe, but the Batman star is neat and flawless only in the movie. In real life, the actor hates showering. According to his colleagues from the set, the BO coming from Bobby was very distracting. Apparently, the actor thinks water and soap might wash away his luck, so whenever Pattinson had an important shoot, he would not wash for a week before that.

4.Megan Fox

The actress has a severe form of aerophobia, meaning she has a fear of flying, so her little trick to deal with that is to listen to Britney Spears on the plane. The actress is convinced that no tragedy will happen as long as Britney plays in her headphones.

5.Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the queen of quirks, and to attract good luck, she wears her favorite late aunt’s shorts under her dress for important events. Yes, really. She is positive that this piece of clothing was the thing that revealed her talent to the world and brought her fame.

6.Serena Williams

The legendary tennis player also has some unusual superstitions. Before the matches, Serena never looks in the mirror because she believes that it has a special magical power and can steal one’s luck. Imagine her looking at the mirror and saying “Beetlejuice!” three times!

7.Axl Rose

Rumor has it the Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose refuses to perform in cities that start with the letter “M” because, in his mind, it’s “cursed.” And all would be nice and well if, in 2010, the band didn’t make an exception for the most cursed M-city in the world – Moscow.

8.Jennifer Aniston

Jenn Aniston also has a special relationship with airplanes. To ensure a safe flight, the actress always puts her right foot forward when she enters the plane and taps it on the outside. She said she’s always done that, and it just became a good luck ritual for her. So far, no crashes, so it must be working, right?

9.Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has a very yummy ritual: before important events in her life, the singer has to order and eat some delicious donuts. This has been happening ever since Ariana was a no-name performer. Before every casting, she bought donuts, and, according to her, they brought her good fortune, as we can clearly see today.