8 Jeffree Star Facts Every Fan Should Know 


Jeffree Star is known for his makeup, his luxury lifestyle, his attitude and his numerous scandals. He’s made a life for himself not only as a famous YouTuber but also as a millionaire businessman. But his past is full of secrets and questionable things, so let’s see if you’re a real Jeffree Star fan, because we’re pretty sure you don’t know some of these facts about Jeffree star. 

1. Highschool Teasing

Jeffree started experimenting with makeup when he was in high school. At first, he would try different makeup looks at home in his bathroom, but soon enough he started wearing makeup to school. This, of course, meant that he was teased for wearing makeup at school, but Jeffree was confident and paid no attention to this. It’s got to be that confidence that made him a successful makeup guru.

2. Raised By Single Mother

Jeffree had quite a traumatic childhood. His father committed suicide when Jeffree was just six years old, and he was raised by a single mother. He’s been through a lot, and he’s admitted to self-harming in the past. But he’s better off now. Jeffree doesn’t talk about his family and his past much, he’s very private about it, except his mother, who he mentions on Twitter a lot. 

3. The Big Move

Jeffree grew up in Orange County, so he’s a California native. By the time he graduated from high school, he decided it was time for the big move. If you’re gonna make it, you’ve got to be in LA, so he moved to the big city after graduating. It was quite a hustle for him since at that point in his life he was far from rich. 

4. The Mom Controversy

You can easily google pictures of Jeffree Star with his mother, and she’s easy enough to find on social media. However, Jeffree has revealed that everything you can find online about his mother is a lie. His relationship with his mother has been basically non-existent for years, they simply haven’t spoken for a decade. So who is the woman that comes up when you search for Jeffree’s mom? It’s his aunt, he decided to tell the internet she was his mother. He has since reconnected with his real mother, but he keeps her identity and their relationship private. 

5. MySpace Stardom

Jeffree’s social media fame started a while back, with MySpace. He was one of the most popular people on MySpace, ever. So it makes sense that once Youtube became a thing, he jumped on that bandwagon too and accumulated a following quickly. He’s got almost 17 million subscribers on Youtube and his videos usually get millions of views, so his makeup review can make or break a makeup release for a brand.

6. Doens’t Like Labels

Jeffree has often been asked how he identifies and he answers that he hates labels. For him, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and live your life the way you want to. Some people need a label to understand themselves, others, like Jeffree find labels to be limiting.

7. He Sneaked Into Clubs

When Jeffree first moved to LA, he was still underage, so in order to hang out with his friends, he had to sneak into clubs by dressing up and using fake IDs. He would dress provocatively and do his makeup, which got him quite a few makeup jobs. Not only would people in the clubs approach him to inquire about his makeup, but even celebrities would befriend him and sign a contract with him so that he’d be their makeup artist. 

8. Music Adventures

Few people know this, but Jeffree Star once recorded a song just for fun, while hanging out at a music studio with friends. When he uploaded it to MySpace it became quite popular, and later on, he released an album called Beauty Killer and even signed onto Akon’s label. However, in the end, Jeffree decided that the music industry wasn’t for him and focused on building his makeup empire. He also appeared in Good Charlotte’s music video The River.