7 Surprising Facts About Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress


When you think Lady Gaga, you may think of several of the strange and groundbreaking fashion choices that she’s made over the years. But there is no other ensemble that is more well known from her repertoire than her meat suit. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is one that made history as one of the strangest outfits to ever hit the red carpet. And while you may have seen the weird outfit for yourself, there are some facts that few people know about how this look was pulled off. To learn more about the infamous get up, check out these 7 surprising facts about lady gaga’s meat dress. 

It took 50 pounds of meat to make the dress. 

If you wondered how much meat it took to make the suit, here is your answer. 50 pounds of meat was reserved to make the suit, but some of the fat was trimmed, so to speak. So it ended up being about 40 pounds of meat. There were a few extra pounds added with the meat wrapped around her shoes. Can you imagine walking around with 50 pounds of meat strapped to your body? 

The dress was refrigerated during its creation. 

To make sure it did not spoil, the dress had to be refrigerated constantly, even while it was being sewn together. It took about three days total to gather the meat as well as completely create the meaty masterpiece. The masterminds behind the dress plan to let the dress dry out to be turned into jerky. 

The dress of meat had a sweet smell. 

This is actually surprising, as you would think the dress might begin to stink as it was not on ice while on the runway. But Lady Gaga did confirm that the dress smelled sweet, according to sources. This must be due to the good refrigeration during the creative process. 

Under the meat was a corset. 

While meat was the only thing visible to the naked eye, there was actually a corset under those excessive pounds of beefiness. The corset made up the base of the dress, and is what the meat was sewn to. In order to wear the dress, Lady Gaga had to crawl under the dress to get into it. Most of the meat was sewn on to the corset before hand. But there were some parts of the dress that had to be attached after she already had the dress on. In some pictures, it can appear that the meat was literally hanging from around her neck. But it was actually just the meat hanging from the corset underneath. 

There was no actual pattern to the creation of the meat suit. 

While dresses are usually fashioned through patterns and designs, this was not possible for Lady Gaga’s meat dress. It was really impossible for them to cut meat into patterns like fabric. Instead it was draped over in pieces and sewn together this way. They used really strong pieces of string to make sure the meat was held together tightly — this was achieved by several people working together in conjunction. The only pattern that was followed was the shape made according to Lady Gaga’s figure. 

The meat was cold when Lady Gaga was on the red carpet. 

As she made her appearance in her meaty dress, the pieces of meat were actually still cold. The corset made it so that the majority of the meat did not touch her; but it still made contact with her skin on her neck, back and legs. 

The meat was real!

The dress was not fabricated in any way — meaning, the meat was real. And it was freshly cut by a butcher in Los Angeles.