7 Reasons Bill Murray Is a Treasure


If you’re not one of the younglings of this planet, you probably owe a lot of your childhood laughter to Bill Murray. Whether you saw him in Ghostbuster or Groundhog Day, the man has a certain style and aura around him that just makes you feel happy. 

And while it’s easy to assume that this is a thing he exclusively saves for the silver screen, Mr. Murray has in fact been known to surprise people in real life and brighten up their day. Let’s take a look at some of the times where Bill Murray proved once and for all that he is a treasure.

Joining a Kickball Game

I’m not sure what kickball is, but I’m assuming it’s some sort of weird variant of American football. Anyway, some people were playing in the park when Bill Murray came along, and he decided to join the game. He even interacted with all the players and posed for this lovely photo at the end of the match.

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Singing Karaoke

Most people wouldn’t sing karaoke even if they paid them to, but Bill Murray doesn’t care about any of that. He walked into a karaoke bar in New York City, sang an Elvis duet with a member of the group and gave a bunch of people a lovely night to remember forever. Oh, and drinks. He gave them drinks.

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Reading Poetry

Granted, while reading poetry to construction site workers sounds like an idea that only makes sense in Bill Murray’s head, he went for it. How do you even react to that kind of situation when you’re building a house and a celebrity walks in and starts reading poetry?

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Doing The Dishes

Bill probably gets invited to all kinds of parties, so you can imagine the surprise on a Norwegian student’s face when he invited Bill Murray over to a small house party and Bill just started doing the dishes. 

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Tending The Bar

As Bill Murray is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, what better way to show it than by pouring everyone’s drinks? The one small – tiny, really – problem was that Bill didn’t care what you ordered. Everyone got a shot of tequila. You don’t say no to a man like Bill Murray that easily.

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Engagement Photos

Remember that one time when you were making your engagement photos, Bill Murray walks over and you decide to ask him to be a part of your engagement shoot? Well, you probably don’t, but these people do. And Bill said yes. I’m assuming the woman did too. 

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Slow Motion Walking

A couple of aspiring filmmakers happened to come across Bill Murray when they wanted to do a short film about walking in slow motion. By now you should know that if you ask Bill Murray to walk down a hallway in slow motion, Bill Murray will oblige.

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