Hellen Gordon
A brave little five-foot thunderball. Tea lover, book reader, wine drinking enthusiast. A great fan of traveling that has misplaced a bit of her heart in the UK. Has definitely seen more tv shows and movies than you and is a fan of throwing in references that fly over people’s heads. British TV shows are her weakness. Forever annoyed by society’s ways, but also actively doing something about it. A strident feminist. A fan of stand-up comedians, pun appreciator, a giggle moster at times. Fluent in sarcasm but a newbie in sass. Dreams of one day achieving the heights of the sass king himself – Martin Freeman. Is incapable of ever being on time but forever hoping that maybe no one will notice. Tim Canterbury of her office, Abed Nadir of her friend group, Lorelei Gilmore wannabe by day, vampire slayer by night, hence, the tardiness.
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