8 New Technologies That Look Like Total Witchcraft

We’re living in a world that already looks a bit like a sci-fi movie with robotic priests, drones flying everywhere, cyberwars, and Internet that is getting faster and faster as we speak, connecting the whole world. Not to mention all the space tech advancements, the mission to bring humans to Mars, and the bizarre discoveries in quantum physics. But even living in this world filled with unbelievable discoveries, there are still some that are exceptionally mind-bending and seem like something you could only see in a book or a movie tagged as ‘magic’.

AI Religion Is Upon Us: Robot Priest Can Bless You, Guide You, And Even Perform Your Funeral

If you think that robots taking over each and every sphere of human life is a far-fetched dream out of a sci-fi movie, then think twice because AI is already here and it found its way into none other than human religion.

You Could Go To Space As Soon As Next Year, And No It’s Not A Drill

It seems we’re back to the space race, but this time it’s not about gazing as far as possible into the depths of the Universe – now everyone is intent on sending actual living and breathing humans as far into space as we’ve ever gone! That being said, the commercial side of space travel has also been given a boost thanks to the talent and persistence of Elon Musk, who’s making space travel cheaper as we speak. In fact, it’s getting so accessible that you could go into space no later than next year!