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10 Fictional Scientific Inventions That Went From Screen to Real Life

Science fiction has always been a huge inspiration for scientists all over the world. There have been numerous times when sci-fi writers imagined some crazy tech that eventually became reality. Then it were TV shows that took those ideas and showed them on screen, inspiring even more people to create gadgets like we’ve never seen before.

Future Tech: 9 New Inventions That Are About To Change The World

We are living in the most wonderful time that is filled with scientific discoveries and incredible technological advancements. Everything changes really fast and new ideas come to life every single year, which may be a bit stressful to follow, but in the end we get a bunch of exciting gadgets and technologies that not only bring us joy, but also heal us, improve our health, and help our environment.

Scientists Find Ancient Supermassive Black Hole Blazar, And It’s Pointed Towards Earth

Ancient Universe is a truly mysterious place and we’re only starting to grasp what could have been going on in there at the dawn of times. One theory suggests that it was chock-full of supermassive black holes that spewed energy all around after devouring surrounding gas, star, and matter. And guess what? One such black hole, called blazar due to its orientation towards Earth, was recently found by astronomers!