The Reason Why Cristiano Ronaldo Still Lives With His Mom

When you become a mega-ultra-superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo does, the first thing people expect you to do is buy a huge house and half a dozen extravagant cars. While that certainly applies to Ronaldo, there’s one thing the Al Nassr star did that sets him apart from the rest: he still lives with his mom.

Fit Celebrities That Claim They Never Workout

Some celebrities claim to have beaten genetics and stay fit despite never working out. Whether we believe them or not is a different question altogether, but let’s take a look at celebrities that are somehow able to look good and not have to work for it.

What Happened to the Cast of Burlesque?

Despite Burlesque receiving mixed reviews, the chemistry between Aguilera, Cher, and the rest of the cast was phenomenal, and that’s why we’re going to check up on these good people to see where they are today.