The 7 Most Memorable Game of Thrones Actresses

1. Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryen, the only daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen, was exiled from King’s Landing with her brother, who then sold her to a Dothraki in exchange for a golden crown. He did not like that one bit. She became the Khaleesi...

9 Bizarre Underwater Discoveries

Did you know that humans have explored outer space more than our own ocean floor? There are so many things hidden right under our noses and all we have to do is take a deep breath – no, more air! – and dive right under...

10 Upcoming Marvel Movies That We Can’t Wait For

Now days the world is a pretty cynical place, cruel and frustrating and frankly it has became really hard to stay enthusiastic about the future on our planet. As for me, one of the few things, that helps humanity keep its chin up, are the upcoming Marvel Studio movies.

10 Most Gorgeous 90’s Crushes

These celebs were the focus of every boy’s fantasy back in the 90’s, and some of them look pretty amazing even today. What’s their secret? Probably money. Lots of money. They’ve made it big and starred in numerous hit TV shows and movies, all while feeding our adolescent minds with nasty images and wet dreams. No? Is it just me then? Liars!

The 13 Strangest Phobias You Could Have

It’s not a secret that human beings are very cowardly creatures. Fears play a significant role in people’s lives, sometimes they even determine a person’s destiny. For example, someone who suffers from claustrophobia, can’t work in these lovely office cubicles and has to build his own evil corporation instead, so he/she can work wherever they like in an open space.

5 Beautiful Teen Daughters Of Legendary Fathers

It’s hard to believe that Sistine Stallone is only 17 years old. Yep, her father is Sylvester, and her mother is a former model Jennifer Flavin. Sistine, still a Catholic school student, has already embarked on her own career as a teen model and even...