14 Amazing Beds You’ll Never Want to Get Out of in the Morning

Sleep is awesome, it’s recharging your batteries, cools down your brain, so you don’t do anything stupid and is overall vital for our sanity. It’s also one of the biggest time-killers out there, taking about 25-30% of our life on this planet. We need sleep and we want it to be as comfortable as possible, which is why we’ve developed this whole bed fetish. Some people like their beds big and soft, others like sleeping on the floor, but these 14 creative beds will rock your socks off!

25 Celebrity Stunt Doubles You Didn’t Know Were in the Movie

Prepare for trouble and make it double! While watching movies or TV shows, many of us tried to catch a glimpse of the actor’s face in an action-filled scene just to see if it’s the actual celebrity or the stunt double. Thanks to the power of the Internet I’ve dug up some back-to-back shots of actors and actresses, and their stunt doubles. Some dynamic duos look like they were separated at birth, others – not so much, but hey, that’s what makeup is for, right?

10 TV Couples who became “a Thing” in Real life

It does make sense that 2 people working on the same set and playing a romantically involved couple every day, are bound to have a lot of things in common. Sometimes they grow so fond of each other that they actually start dating! Most of the time they fall in love, have their “love” shot combined with the “passion” pill and… split up. In some cases they actually get married and have children, but most of the time they grow apart either because of the awkwardness or because there were no real feelings, only lust.

Rare, Mostly Vintage Celebrity Photos

Very often you see the same celebrity photos everywhere. They are recycled all over the internet, magazines, newspapers etc. But I can promise that you haven’t seen most of these rare celebrity photos before. Some of these will surprise you, some will make you laugh and some will just blow your mind! Enjoy!

Twinning! 13 Celebrity Lookalikes You Can Never Tell Apart

Everyone supposedly has a complete doppelganger somewhere within the world but what if yours worked in the same business as you, in tight group where you might have passed each other dozens of times? These Hollywood stars have found theirs within their niche and are well aware of their uncanny resemblances to one another. They often deal with people understandably mistaking them for the other. In these side-to-side photos, you’ll be shocked to see how many you’ll be unable to differentiate.

11 Gender-Swapped Disney Characters (by Sakimi Chan)

Have you ever though why are there so many Disney princesses yet so few princes? What if Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” was a guy? What if Hades from “Hercules” was a woman? Elsa and Ann from the “Frozen”? More like Els and Frank! Here are some of the most amazing pieces of gender-swapped Disney fan art by a remarkable artist Sakimi Chan from Deviant Art.

Top 10 Celebrities That Are Famous for No Reason

Usually celebrities need to work hard for their money and fame, but sometimes there are people like Kim Kardashian or Snooki, who just got extremely lucky and had everything handed to them on a silver platter. Now let’s see what those so-called celebrities did (or didn’t do) to become famous. If anything, this list proves that pretty much anyone can become famous given “the right place and the right time”.

11 Super Buff Grandpas

When you think of retired old men, you (almost) never imagine them to be huge, ripped bodybuilders. Some of the old fellas on this list are well over 50 and I genuinely envy their badass looks. None of these grandpas are old-school Hollywood stars like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, or Hulk Hogan, they’re just regular old people who decided to get in shape and went too far. Enjoy!