Stunning Wave Photography By Luke Shadbolt

Luke Shadbolt is a photographer from Australia that is fascinated by the ocean. Having grown up next to it he says that you just get attached to it in a way that you can’t quite put into words. You just find that once in a while, you just feel the need to go back to the ocean to reset.

German Artists Blends Reality With Imagination

Justin Peters, a German photographer and artist, likes taking photos and editing them in a way that blends reality and fantasy. The results are mind-blowing and very creative photos of the world around us but with more magic sprinkled in. His goal is to merge reality with imagination to create fascinating surreal artworks and he’s mastered it.

Artist Turns Smashed Storefront Glass Into An Amazing Portrait

Simon Berger always loved working with unusual materials – wood, metal, plastic, you name it! And he always loved mastering new skills. One of his latest obsessions is… shattering glass with hammer. But he does not just smash it, he uses glass as a canvas to create an amazing human portraits.