Why BrosBeingBasic Is The Most Hilarious Thing On Instagram


A bunch of guys poking fun at girls doing “basic” stuff on Instagram is arguably my favorite thing on Instagram. With almost 1,500 posts and nearly a million followers, Brosbeingbasic is the account I go to more often than 9gag. These guys always give me the much needed laughs at the end of a hard day.

The page might be all about guys making fun of girls, but the mastermind behind all that is actually a girl, Ashley Hesseltine. As a female and a feminist she thought it would be fun to create the content that is both fun and non-offensive to women. It lets women laugh at their “basic” selves. To be honest, it feels more like a celebration of girls being girls rather than mocking them.

Anyway, without further ado, check out some of the best “bros being basic” posts in the gallery below:


Every girl in the nature

BrosBeingBasic Every girl in the nature | ZestRadar


Person: Don’t go chasing waves


BrosBeingBasic Every girl chasing waves | ZestRadar


Floating into the weekend like…

BrosBeingBasic Floating into the weekend like | ZestRadar


Me: OMG, I’m so sorry, was so busy, just saw your text

Actually me:

BrosBeingBasic Busy girl | ZestRadar


Or pretty much every year…

BrosBeingBasic Summer girl | ZestRadar


Also, every girl when she checks into a hotel

BrosBeingBasic Every girl when she checks into a hotel | ZestRadar


Every girl on vacay with her besties

BrosBeingBasic Every girl on vacay with her besties  | ZestRadar


If you don’t gram your wedding day, did it even happen?

BrosBeingBasic Every girl getting engaged  | ZestRadar


How girls take pics in water

BrosBeingBasic How girls take pics in water | ZestRadar


*Me and my bestie after doing the bare minimum at work all week*

BrosBeingBasic Me and my bestie  | ZestRadar



BrosBeing Yum  | ZestRadar


Me struggling to lose 10 lbs:

Also me:

BrosBeingBasic Girl struggling to lose 10 lbs | ZestRadar


Me: I’m just gonna take a quick shower

Me in 10 minutes:

BrosBeingBasic Girl taking a bath | ZestRadar


Me entertaining my friends telling stories about my exes

BrosBeingBasic Girld having fun | ZestRadar


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