What’s Funnier than Dad Jokes? Dad TEXTS! (23 Pics)

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Do you cringe and sigh at the sight of bad puns or silly jokes? Sorry, you better keep browsing then. But if you’re like me, and you appreciate a good dad joke – welcome aboard! These 23 text conversations between fathers and their kids are so bad you can’t help but love them. Let’s roll out!



1. God dammit, dad, your a evil genius!
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (1)



2. Chillest dad ever.
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (2)



3. That how you know your dad loves you.
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (3)



4. Oh, he’s so grounded when he gets home.
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (4)

5. His hint$ weren’t $ubtle at all.
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (5)



6. I would lose my shit if I had a dad like this.
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (6)



7. No more 8===D for Ashley!
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (7)



8. That’s me in a few years. Yes, I’ll become a moth.
dad-jokes-dad-textiing (8)

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