What is #Confefe And Why Is It Trending?


Thank you, President Trump for enriching our boring lives with new memes! If you frequent Twitter (or any other social media website), you may have seen people randomly saying #confefe. So what is it? What was Trump trying to say when talking about the “negative press”? What was this typo initially?


Alright, alright, I think in his original tweet he was trying to say “negative press coverage” but his tiny hot-dog fingers just couldn’t reach the appropriate letters. Other theories include: coffee, covenant, corvette, and coffer. But, in fact, covfefe can mean anything you want it to! Here’s an example: Trump is the best confefe when it comes to confefing. It’s like Rick and Morty’s “squanching”, got it? It’s my head canon, and you can’t tell me otherwise!


Alright, let’s see some of the dankest confefe memes! I assure you, this may be a 1-day fad, but while it lasts, it’s freaking hilarious!



1. Trump’s original tweet.



2. *autistic screeching*



3. It’s about time to have a nice confefe roast, mmm.



4. Yo, Jefe, publish a book! I’d buy it!



5. Even Edinburgh has joined our ranks, confefes!



6. It’s a great day to be the biggest dictionary in the world.



7. and of course, the Urban Dictionary had to… just HAD to!



8. We’ll build a wall, to get rid of the aliens!

9. This one had me in stitches! Freaking perfection!



10. One simply cannot unsummon all the Confefes!



11. Imagine if that WAS Trump’s password!



12. And it’s probably a Chevrolet Confefe



13. Soon on every Trump rally

14. Simpsons didn’t do it first? What a shocker!



15. Talk to us, Mr. President! What are you trying to tell us?



For more confefe memes, just go to the internet. They’ll be all over the place for the next few days.