What If Hollywood Superheroes Were Born in China? (15 Photos)


China can be pretty weird sometimes. All those strange foods, odd laws, social media bans and so on. But if you’ve ever wondered how superheroes, spies, and magicians would look like as if they were born in China, well, boy, you’ve got some really odd fetishes, but at least you’re not alone! So let’s take a look at our favorite characters in hilarious situations! Enjoy!


1. Captain America running away with his favorite folding chair.

2. Jason Bourne selling baked sweet potato.

3. Wonder Woman wants you to eat her roasted cold noodles.

4. Black Widow slaying old grannies at Mahjong.

5. Deadpool trying to push a new law or something.

6. Doctor Strange has some fresh greens for you.

7. Have you seen any Fantastic Beasts in China?

8. Voldemort simply NEEDS those cabbages!

9. Wolfberry tea from Hela herself, what could go wrong?

10. Just a normal morning for the Winter Soldier, he’s developing his Tai Chi skills.

11. I guess hair regrowth tonic didn’t help Jensen Ames.

12. Is that a new Spider-mobile?

13. Tony Stark is ready for a career change.

14. James Bond’s personal leek delivery service.

15. Finally, a wild Leo DiCaprio has appeared! Out of freaking nowhere! Who wants some c rispy sugar-coated fruit on a stick.