Top 20 Cosplays That Are Far Better Than the Originals


Cosplayers used to be viewed as nerds who dressed up in some weird clothes, but today the cosplay business is up there with haute couture fashion. And if you want to promote your game, book, movie or a comic, there’s no better ad than scantily-clad women parading at some relevant event like Comic-Con or PAX, or SXSW. If you’ve ever been to any of these events, you’ve seen hundreds of fabulous cosplayers running around. Some costumes look cheap, while others, it feels like, took ages to make and actually look much better than the source material.



So here they are, top 20 cosplays that are far better than the originals!



20. Oh yeah, that’s the Black Panther we all know and love!


19. What an amazing cosplay from Coco!


18. When “cosplaying” runs in the family, there’s nothing you can do about it…


17. Officer Bunny ready to bust some criminals!

16. Is that a goddamn Warhammer orc? Imagine meeting this dude in a dark alley…




14. 10,000 points to Gryffindor!

13. The seven dwarves are waiting on the Wall, Lord Commander!


12. This is the Independence Day


11. Let the Mary Poppins fight begin!


10. What the… who summoned this unholy demon from the 90’s? Must have been Tweety!

9. Roberta Franklin Ross and her, yes, HER, living canvas full of happy accidents.


8. Is this really just some random skinny dude? He looks exactly like Bale!


7. Lara Croft cosplay will always be in, no matter what.

6. That’s the real Big Lebowski, isn’t it?


5. Dana Scully isn’t that easy character to cosplay, but this girl nailed it…


4. But this dude did it even better!

3. No comments. Perfect cosplay!


2. That’s real friendship right there. Even though the BB8 guy can’t roll on his own, the Rey cosplayer allowed him to tag along.


1. How tall is that Wookie really? Or is this just a forced perspective?