Third Wheel Documents Her Adventures Through Lonely Land


Ain’t it grand when everyone around you is part of a couple and you’re trying to do your perpetually single thing? Getting that no-love swag on? It can be rough. Couples have this annoying habit of cramping up your style with things like affection, happiness – and the fair share of arguments, most of the time.



And then the couples do the worst thing – they invite you over to do shit with them. Why? No one knows. Probably out of pity. That’s how single friends become third wheels. Dragged along for no real use other than not giving them the pleasure of being by themselves. It’s a horrible thing to reduce another human being to such a pointless existence.


But some lady that had been a third wheel for ages on end, had decided to show the world how overly lovey-dovey couples make single people feel. She opened the Instagram account called Third Wheel Extravaganza, and has posted a plethora of pictures there, showing us just how thoroughly impressed she is by all the couples around her. Sadly, the young woman has remained unnamed up until now, despite becoming quite the hit on the Interwebs.


Hopefully her pictures will make couples all around the world take the hint: be happy in the privacy of your own homes, but don’t bother other people with your relationship. We don’t care about your hugs, your kisses, your arguments, your fights and certainly not your raunchy, loud make-up sex. Thanks.