Things We’ll Miss The Most About Obama


These are sad times. No matter whether you’re a Trump or a Clinton supporter – we’re going to miss Obama. Well, maybe not if you really, really hate Obama. But how could you? He’s shown the world the last eight years that US Presidents can be awesome, which is something we honestly hadn’t seen yet (I’m not counting the Bill Clinton saxophone thing).
Whether you agreed with him on a political level or not, I’m pretty sure his character makes him an amazing person to be around and I’d love to have a drink with him one day (call me Barack, I’m serious). And let’s not forget the sheer amount of charisma that man radiates on a television screen. God damn, now that’s a president.
Since his term is slowly but surely coming to a close, let’s take a look at some of the best moments of eight years Obama has graced us with his presence in international politics.



He is genuinely pleased whenever Michelle compliments him
Look at those two love birds. It’s almost like they don’t have to make decisions that affect the lives of millions of people every day.

He knows how to have fun
This one might seem like an obvious one. I mean sure, everyone has fun sometimes, right? Sure, but name a president that did it openly.

He kinda spoiled an Iron Man suit being in the making
Just look at that smile. He’s all “hell yeah we’re building Iron Man. Eat that, Russia!” I swear, the next Cold War is going to look like that last Captain America movie. It’s going to be equal parts scary and awesome at the same time.


He’s a badass
Think back to eight years ago and ask yourself when you’ve ever heard anyone at all say “Jeez, I wish I was as cool as the US president.” Now think of someone that lives today and doesn’t want to be the badass that Barack Goddamn Obama is.


He makes jokes about policies
I mean, it’s easy to say a policy is bad. I’ve seen people at a bar at 2 A.M. in the morning doing it perfectly. But cracking a decent joke because a policy is so bad you can’t even be bothered to take it seriously, now that’s how you get the people on your side.

He’s already looking forward to not being a president anymore
Because, let’s face it, being president is a rough ride. This guy gets it, rolled through all the hard times the last 8 years, and is now looking very much forward to some downtime. And who’s to say he hasn’t earned it. I mean, how else is he going to find the time to have a drink with me (I’m serious, Barack).