These Are Some Straight-up Crooked Houses (10 Photos)!


If you thought that the Tower of Pisa is the only unnatural-looking building in the world, boy were you wrong! There’s an entire street in New Zealand where every single house looks like it came from a Tim Burton fantasy. When you first stand on Baldwin Street in New Zealand, you’ll really start doubting your sanity. And yeah, there’s no Photoshop in these pics (maybe just a few filters here and there, though).



1. Yup, yup, “confusion” is definitely the right word here.

2. How to mess with people’s minds: Anchor your letterbox so that it’s on the same incline as the street. Voilà! Your house is now sinking.

3. Don’t even try doing a moonwalk up that hill!



4. Aman, it actually looks like the house is sinking into the ground.

5. Baldwin Street is only 1,150 feet long, but walking to the end of it will literally take your breath away. Or break your legs, depending on where you start.



6. At a gradient of 1:2.86 (a 19-degree slope), this residential street is the steepest in the world. Suck it San-Fran!

7. I’m beginning to see how this street would mess you up for life.



8. For some reason I really like this shot. Something about those angles…

9. An ancient NZ legend has it, if you’re leaning at just the right angle, your Instagram photos will get 10% more likes than usual!



10. I can’t even process what’s going on in this one. Who’s crooked and who’s not? I NEED TO KNOW!