The “Selfie Kid” Stole the Super Bowl 2018!


Every single year there’s something really crazy happening at the Super Bowl event. Some funny incident that makes it memorable, like a celebrity doing something silly, or a guy in a shark costume dancing awkwardly… My point is, among all of those movie trailers, countless hilarious and insanely creative commercials, there’s always some thing that makes that particular Super Bowl special. And this year it’s no different.


During the half-time show the public was being entertained by Justin Timberlake’s performance. It wasn’t all that bad nothing too revolutionary, but it gave birth to a new meme – the selfie kid. During the show when everyone around the kid were pumped and cheering, he just stood there with his nose buried in the phone. What was he looking at? What was so important that he missed half of Justin’s performance?


Well, turns out Ryan’s phone froze when he wanted to take a selfie with Justin, so he was rebooting it (probably). Talk about bad timing! But either way, those few seconds on screen were more than enough for the internet to make a meme out of this.


Enjoy this burst of human wits and creativity while it lasts!



1. Look like he was expecting a different Justin.



2. What’s that song again? Can you start over?



3. I’d be scared too, that’s not a joke.



4. No selfies for you, young man.



5. I bet his mom was really into N’Sync.

6. There’s that stellar meme material right there!



7. That show was such a snooze…



8. Leave Britney alone!



9. He knows what’s up. Who the hell is Timberlake anyway?



10. And there’s the money shot! He’s gonna remember that selfie forever.