The Most Amazing Retouch Job You’ll See in a While


Have you noticed that sometimes group photos, especially with family members, aren’t as phenomenal, as you’d like them to be? Apparently, we’ve been doing it all wrong this whole time.



Pam hired a professional photographer, but when she got the pictures from her, she couldn’t stop laughing, and for a good reason!



The photos were so incredibly poorly retouched, that all the faces looked like the Annoying Orange family, just not, you know… orange. Like a family of creepy Slender people.



The woman who did this claimed she was a pro, and that her professor taught her how to retouch pictures, but maybe he forgot to mention that she should NOT erase people’s faces, leaving nothing but eyes and smiles. That’s just wrong and super creepy.



There has to be a better way to get rid of heavy shadows, like, for example, move the family to a better lit location. But that’s too much work, I guess.

Either way, Pam didn’t really mind, and even said in one of the comments that there should be no hate towards the photographer. What a real champ! Even after getting screwed over, she’s still laughing her ass off and being a stand up person in general.



Obviously, she didn’t expect this silly situation to go viral, so she had to close her comments, but please DO rummage down there, I promise you, you’ll find a ton of funny pictures and comments!



And thanks again to Pam for not spreading hate, and keeping a positive attitude!