The Green Screen Queen Elizabeth II


First of all, can you believe how great Queen E looks on her 90th birthday celebration? Especially that bright neon-green coat! Oh man, she was probably going through her gigantic wardrobe and didn’t know what to pick. On the one hand she’s the queen and has to look serious and strict all the time, but on the other hand she is the queen and the peasants will just have to deal with her choice. So she combined those options into one and we got ourselves this elegant-looking… green screen.
the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-00 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-01 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-02 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-03



Of course, where there’s green screen, the internet is all over it! And that’s exactly what happened. Just a few minutes after the photos were published, all of the Twitter whipped out their Photoshops and the real birthday celebration began!
the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-04 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-05 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-06



They’ve turned Queen Elizabeth’s green coat into galaxies, lions, eggplants, poop emojis and the list goes on! I mean, what did you expect from the internet, cats? Well, actually there were cats as well. Ditching the #Queenat90 hashtag, the Twitter users started a new tag – #Neonat90, to share the Queen’s fascinating outfit. At least there was nothing too traumatizing and offensive, but I’m sure some sick bastard is already cropping out swastikas or some other inappropriate stuff that will cause an outrage in the next few days. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve been on the internet for too long.
the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-07 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-08 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-09 the-green-screen-queen-elizabeth-10



At this point let’s just start calling her “the green screen queen”!