Social Media Vs Reality: Influencer Reveals The Truth Behind “Perfect” Instagram Shots


A perfect life of an Instagram blogger is just a fairy tale story they made up to fool your eyes and make you jealous. Wanna know what’s hiding behind those perfect Instagram shots? Check out this series of the side-by-side pics of Amsterdam based blogger Rianne Meijer.

Social Media Vs Reality: Influencer Reveals The Truth Behind “Perfect” Instagram Shots | ZestRadar

How many times did you look at the photo on Instagram and wonder why you couldn’t get a shot like that? Maybe you even visited one of those famous Instagram locations to get that rich and colorful shot like the one of your favorite blogger. But you ended up disappointed with the results? You wanna know why?

Rianne Meijer is a famous blogger with almost 400K followers on Instagram. Every single day she gets tons of DMs complimenting her body, style, and beautiful shots.

After a while, she realized that her “Instagram” life has nothing to do with the real world. So she decided to show her followers what her real-life actually looks like.

Rianne shared a series of photos that were taken at the same time at the same location. While some photos were good ones made using the right lighting, angle, and were photoshopped, other images were “bad” ones, those that got rejected because they weren’t “Insta-perfect”.

Those “rejected” shots actually revealed the truth. You should know that not all locations are camera-friendly and they usually look bad without the proper lighting.

Even model type girls have double chins and stomach rolls when photographed from a different, not-so-flattering angle. These shots are another proof that every “perfect shot” on social media is actually one in a hundred.

This bold gesture that Rianne made was aimed to change our perspective on the life of a social media influencers. They are not perfect, their life isn’t perfect either. What they portray on social media is just an act. They are just a different kind of actors, and social platform is their stage. Every day they put on masks, go out there and entertain us. And we pay them back with our positive or negative comments, likes, shares, and views.

So, please, don’t get upset if your thighs don’t look as skinny as of your favorite Insta blogger. Or your eyes don’t have that bright, emerald glow. That glow is not real, it’s photoshopped. People don’t have eyes like that. So, stop playing the fool and grow up!