School Kid Becomes Internet Celebrity Because He Matches His Shirt To His Drink


There’s a lot of ways to become an internet celebrity nowadays. I remember back when you had to bring out a sex tape to be somewhat known on the web, but those days are long gone. No longer do women (or men) need to record their sexual exploits and “accidentally” leak them to prevent the horrible fate of having to find a proper job like the rest of us.
Take Brian Milan, for example. This 16-year-old genius from Stafford County, Virginia, figured he’d match his shirt to his drink just for the heck of it. While at first his fellow students thought it was an accident, the joke was quickly noticed by several students.
His classmate Chloe Alwes started documenting Brian’s fashion choices and soon realized that Brian matches his shirt to his drink every single day. While that may not seem too impressive, it should be noted that he regularly consumed a wide array of colored drinks which all look very unhealthy and sugar-heavy. When Chloe posted the pictures on Twitter, they naturally went viral and got retweeted more than 125,000 times.
Brian is described as a nice and quiet kid that likes to keep to himself, like most 16-year-old guys. His coordination game is just on point. So while this may seem like a stupid joke to some, it’s definitive proof that, contrary to what women claim, men can in fact match colors.



Even the books are color-coordinated!



I’m going to have to deduct half a mark for the black spots.



He really went emo with this wardrobe choice today. All black everything – stylish!



That’s a difficult shade of red to match and pull off. He does both perfectly.



Yellow is never a good color for anyone. Especially not that neon juice yellow.



He even has a regular shirt to match that color red instead of the sweater. He also looks like he’s thoroughly in love with his bottle but let’s keep that his private thing.