Saddest Food Photos Ever Taken (18 Pics)


Fancy food photography is a hobby for millions of people all over the world. There’s something very satisfying in capturing that perfect angle on your $500 salad, then posting it to Instagram, where is will be seen by your 10 followers. Some people think it’s dumb to Instagram everything you eat, but granted, sometimes you just have to snap that beauty. Tiny portions on huge plates, elegant garnishes, creative sauce distribution… All these things make for a great photo. That is, unless you’re poor and all you can afford is paper plate, a slice of bread, and a piece of cheese.
A nice and cozy #ShittyFoodPorn is fully dedicated to the worst meals of them all, presented as if they were created by a 5-star chef. Let’s dig in!



1. I call this “The Less You Eat” meal.
food-porn-saddest-meals (12)



2. And I definitely hope this tastes better than it looks.
food-porn-saddest-meals (6)



3. Not gonna lie, I’d pay $10 just for the presentation.
food-porn-saddest-meals (3)

4. The Cube Sammich!
food-porn-saddest-meals (4)



5. I HOPE it’s something edible.
food-porn-saddest-meals (5)



6. Anthony and Anna just wanted their initials spelled out with fried rice.
food-porn-saddest-meals (2)

7. Fried Chicken Checkers. A+ presentation!
food-porn-saddest-meals (7)



8. The saddest sandwich on the planet.
food-porn-saddest-meals (8)



9. Pasta with sauce in an edible salami bowl. If this isn’t perfection I don’t know what is.
food-porn-saddest-meals (9)

10. Perfect breakfast material, for sure.
food-porn-saddest-meals (10)



11. It’s leftovers day again in the school cafeteria?
food-porn-saddest-meals (11)



12. Thanks, KFC, how did you know I wanted a deep fried chicken head?
food-porn-saddest-meals (1)

13. Is it just liquid inside? Gross!
food-porn-saddest-meals (13)



14. Why would you have this abomination and still think pineapples on pizza is worse than Hitler?!
food-porn-saddest-meals (14)



15. Umm… the presentation is definitely… memorable, but what the f$ck is this?
food-porn-saddest-meals (15)

16. This one’s called “Just throw all the shit in the Jell-o!”
food-porn-saddest-meals (16)



17. Sure, but why, tho?
food-porn-saddest-meals (17)



18. No, idiot, this is how you get salmonella. It’s better to overcook your chicken, than get that nasty shit. Quite literally.
food-porn-saddest-meals (18)