People Trying To Sell Mirrors Online Is The Funniest Thing Ever!


Okay, okay, I may be exaggerating a bit there, but come on, admit it – there’s something really weird about people trying to take a picture of a mirror. How they try to hide themselves behind doors, or use obscure angles, while others just don’t give a damn about what’s in the frame. Sometimes it’s a dog, sometimes it’s a weird shoe, but other times it’s something very nasty. And, if you think about it, how DO you avoid catching those awkward parts of yourself or others in the reflection?


How about you, would you hide or camouflage yourself, maybe you’d digitally remove yourself from the picture, or would you not give a hoot about such a trivial problem at all? Give me your best “buy my mirror” shot in the comments, but for now, let’s see some people trying to sell their shiny mirrors online!



1. And you thought one mirror was a chore to set up!



2. Let’s see if you can actually notice the mirror…

3. You can cover half of my house with this thing!



4. Demon cat, two good boys, and infinite up-skirts. What’s not to love?



5. I mean… how else would you do this?

6. Ah, found a fellow Imgurian! That mirror is at least 5 bananas.



7. Nothing to see here, just Casper selling his favorite mirror.

8. Curiouser and curiouser. Feel like dogs can sell me anything at this point.



9. See, now this – this is art. That’s how you sell your stuff!



10. Smashed his car and these two mirrors are the only thing that’s left… What a sad story.

11.… wait what?



12. All I see is a missed opportunity of having Kermit hold the phone here…



13. Sneaky little hobbits!

14. It’s a mirror with a picture of a doggo, awww.



15. I like this one. Feels like a window into an alternate universe.