Parents Troll Their Kids Recreating Their Selfies and Posting Them on Social Media


Not everyone has parents that get today’s hip, contemporary jokes, especially if you’ve got a huge age gap between you and your parents. But with time, this assessment sounds more like stereotype, and it is not hard to explain: more and more parents discover the world of the Internet, surfing and hanging out on social media services (and not just in order to keep track of their kids and looking if there are bad habits involved). Discovering new trends and jokes is a lot easier right now, if you have a laptop and free time.



Ok we don’t say ALL parents get all the jokes and some of their own jokes and their sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired; in fact, they probably are an embarrassment for their kids. But isn’t it the greatest thing – being able to embarrass your kids? Just remember this when you get older and have your own kids and ask yourself the same question…


Here are the stories that will make you laugh until you cry. Do we have to say these photos became extremely viral after being sneaked onto social media? You bet! Garnering more than 30 thousand likes is a serious thing! But not all the kids took the gags of their parents positively.



Meet college student Emily Musson, who took selfies of her and her boyfriend, got a crossover made by her parents. We think it’s funny enough to go viral. But she doesn’t.



Did Emily find humor in her parents’ effort? At first no. She said they were more embarrassing than hilarious.



Our take on all of this: We wish all our parents had swag like Emily’s!

Chris Martin, Comedian, podcaster, husband and dad from Spokane, Washington, thought his daughter’s selfies were a tad too in excess – like the daughter was over the line showing too much selfie sex appeal. Chris’ aim: Throw it back at his daughter in his usual humorous way with the hopes she would see that maybe she needed to tone down the overly-sexy selfies.
He didn’t ask his daughter to stop taking and posting numerous selfies. The man decided to recreate them by himself. Cool dad!



We think all of Chris’ redo photos are funny enough to go hugely viral.



In Cassie’s case (in the past at least), didn’t like spending time with her dad because she thought he’s an embarrassment to the human race; some sort of rube whose just fallen off the turnip truck. Maybe Cassie is not giving this man his due. He might be smarter, funnier and all around more interesting than she thinks. Look at it this way: He hasn’t asked her (his beloved daughter) to stop taking and posting all those narcissistic selfies that are piling up on her iPhone.

Chris muses: “My daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better”. His motive was to make a little project with these hilarious pics of his “little girl” – to show how exaggerated she looks by showing her how (seriously) exaggerated he could look!



Chris got his magic marker to replicate tattoos and loads of makeup and we think he has absolutely nailed this! He’s got Cassie’s attention now and at the same time, he’s made a lot of other people laugh with his “selfie revisited” project. Let’s give Chris a Dad of the Year Award for creativity and humor.



Cassie, your dad is cool!