New Google App Is Coming Up With People’s Museum Doppelgangers And The Result Is Beyond Hilarious


It’s a common belief that each of us has a doppelganger living somewhere in the world – a person that bears an uncanny resemblance to us, a stranger wearing our face. Well, if that doesn’t sound eerie enough, wait till you see what the new Google App can dig out from the depths of human art history! Using facial recognition software, the Art & Culture app can take your face, compare it to the vast database from thousands of museums all over the world, and find a perfect match. Well, at least that was the idea! The app turned out to be so bad in matching people’s faces, it actually became famous for it. Take a look at some of the most hilarious (mis)matches posted online.



This Stranger Things match seems kind of accurate – Steve did act a bit like a mom to all the kids. Or rather like an older brother, but Google probably knows better.



Well, this one could have been worse…oh wait, no, this is the worst match ever!



This is wrong in so many ways. Why, Google, why?



This is one of those rare matches that turned out to be quite accurate. What a fierce gaze!

Does this doggie look tragic to you, too? No, we didn’t think so.



We believe it’s the ‘devouring’ part that got Google all confused.



This is probably what Jared Leto will look like in 20 years.



Now that’s some really strong resemblance. Could these two ladies be related?

Well, both women are smiling, so it’s not that bad. Right?



Come to think of it, this is a pretty good match. Way to go, Google Art & Culture!



Google’s app really nailed that ‘not impressed’ vibe, didn’t it?



This one is surprisingly creepy. Well, they do both have eyes, lips, nose, and skin, but that’s about it. No resemblance at all!

It seems the new Google app is trying to humiliate people. Seriously, if you’re feeling gorgeous and confident, just avoid it!



Those eyes really are stunning – quite a believable match if you want our opinion.



Is the mystery of Mona Lisa finally solved? The resemblance is quite remarkable.



This would have been a perfect match, but the guy has no hair!

Well, their lips and brows are quite similar, but fortunately for the woman she doesn’t have that aquiline nose.



How on Earth did this happen? Well, it’s definitely not the haircut that connects the two – that we can say for sure.



The haircut is spot on! Maybe this is what this guy will look like in 30 years?



The woman in the painting does look like Jennifer Lopez. Maybe she was the inspiration?

No, Google app, we’re not buying it. How can you compare this gorgeous lady to a man with moustache?



Well, considering the original photo, this new Google app definitely has a kind heart.



Did the blue in the woman’s hair have something to do with the end result? This match is truly absurd!