New Emoji Hair Trend Takes Social Media By Storm And We Are In Love With It (10+Pics)


Over the past few weeks Twitter and Instagram have been going crazy about the new Emoji hair trend. Basically, what you do is decorate your hair (on the photo only!) with all kinds of emojis in a cool and fashionable manner. You can experiment with all colour schemes and create interesting themes that will make your look truly stand out. And the best part about it? It’s totally free and does nothing to your hair. Unlike all previous hair trends that involved lots of hair dyeing and expensive trips to salons, this one will leave your hair out of the harm’s way and you can experiment non-stop until you either get tired of it, or the trend dies out. So what are you waiting for? Here are some of the trendiest #emojitrend hairstyles that will get you inspired.



You can’t get too girly with this awesome new trend – put as many flowers into your hair as you want!



It’s pretty hard to do something with thick curls in real life, but on Instagram and Twitter? You have hearts, flowers, oranges, pixelated creatures, and other stuff to create a funky new style.



This Halloween-themed hairstyle is simply ah-mazing! Who needs a costume when you can just look stunning on your Instagram?

Guys are also totally into the new emoji hair trend. And why shouldn’t they? It’s all about fun and creativity.



Go big or go home! This afro lady surely knows how to make her hair stand out even more.

The food-themed looks are also incredibly mouth-watering. Who could have thought you could look good with meat, cookies, and wine in your hair?



The key here is to make sure your emojis match your eyeshadow. That’s a totally different level of commitment!



Broken hearts and 60 shades of pink flowers – you can go all the way and it still won’t be enough!

Matching emojis to your accessories is yet another way to create a stunning and memorable look. One colour can be enough when you have pretty wavy hair!



You can look both spooky and sweet with this new emoji hair trend. And nothing stops you from completely changing your look the next day. Or the next minute!

Being a cat shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this funky new trend! After all, cats are women too (well, some of them, kind of).



You can’t go over the top with the fall theme when it’s autumn outside!



Decorating your hair with Christmas trees, corn, snakes, hearts, rainbows, guns, and surfing dudes might not be such a good idea in real life, but on Twitter? You go for it!

Next level – put emojis anywhere BUT your hair! Kind of looks nice, too, don’t you think?



Be a man and put some ghosts and cobwebs into your hair!