Life Will Never Be The Same: 15+ Photos Of Couples Before And After Kids


We all know that bringing up kids is a fun, yet tough experience. It changes you forever! When two become three it’s impossible to maintain your usual routine as kids need a lot of attention. In fact, there will be a time in your life when your whole world will be spinning around these little bundles of joy that can sometimes turn into equally small hulks ready to smash everything they see. Being a parent is a one-of-a-kind experience, but there are still things all parents can relate to. That’s why Mike Julianelle decided to start a blog named Dad and Buried describing his unique and often hilarious experience of being a father. One time he created a ‘before and after parenthood’ photo, which later grew into a series of memes that took Internet by storm. People started submitting their own versions of life before and after having children, and the result was simply hilarious! Here are 15+ photos of couples before and after kids.



This woman looks so happy we can’t but wonder – is bringing up kids really that hard? But who are we kidding.



Time for makeup? Nope, never heard of it. It’s good that she has a minute to take a sip of her morning coffee!



From a bride into a mother of a cute child. Now that’s a spectacular transformation!



Sharing is something that comes naturally when you have three younglings to take care of. Dad looks a little bit sad, though.

Bringing up little humans is no easy task! We believe this T-Shirt must be mass-produced and presented to each and every parent.



From careless to caring in a blink of an eye. What an incredible transformation!



The whole definition of ‘party hard’ definitely changed for these two. All you want is to sleep whenever there’s free time!

Having dinner at the restaurant? Nah, we’ll better take a nap while granny’s with the kids.



Is this gate protecting the baby or the mother? Probably both.



Now that’s a makeover we can all relate to! Bringing up girls definitely has its perks.



There is no such thing as too much jewelry – every kid knows that! This ‘girly chic’ could easily become a new trend.

It’s hard to wear heels when you’re carrying these precious little things around. And who needs them, anyway?



A permanent tattoo and equally permanent kids! Both will stay with him for life.



This dad is proving that you don’t quit being yourself after becoming a father. Now he gets to have even more fun!

The whole definition of ‘makeup’ changes when you become a parent. Yet her smile is as bright as before.



This lovely mother looks gorgeous in both pictures, despite the fact that her nose is about to be pulled off. Oh, and letting your hair down also becomes risky when you have a toddler on your hands.



Kids are so much fun, they said. They grow up really fast, they said.

This woman’s life took a truly unexpected turn. Her kids definitely know how to have fun!



You shouldn’t be too serious about yourself…or your face. Kids have a very peculiar definition of ‘pretty’, that’s for sure.



This family looks like they’re having the best time of their lives. Or are they?