Inedible Stuff That Looks Like Delicious Food (15 Pictures)


Please stop reading this if you’re hungry, otherwise you’ll need a bucket for your drool. Still here? Okay, I warned you… You know, it’s currently lunch time, and I’ve decided to skip it to write this piece. Man, that was not a good idea. I’m already salivating like a hungry hungry hippo, just looking at stones, trees, and poisonous mushrooms.


Either way, if you’ve ever been so hungry you started seeing marshmallows on the sky, and bacon in rocks – this gallery will definitely make you relate. Here are 15 pics of inedible stuff that looks like delicious food. Bon appetit!



1. Is this a golf ball, or is this a piece of ham? There’s only one way to find out – lick it good!



2. Snow plus desert apparently equals tiramisu. Yeah, that’s just sand-covered snow in the Algerian desert.



3. I’ve never seen such an uncanny likeness! These puppies better stay away from hungry people…

4. Chocolate-covered mushroom? Suspicious… but, screw it, we only live once!



5. Holy ham, that’s a perfect bacon rock!

6. This tree looks like a Mega-Broccoli and I love it.



7. A pebble that doubles as a potato? Stop your shenanigans, Satan!



8. That’s not a chocolate bar… It’s a freaking gemstone!

9. Finally someone other than me brushes their teeth with salmon… I was starting to worry a bit.



10. Banana peels aren’t really food, but this hose does look appetizing. Or is it just me?

11. It would most likely kill me, but I’d eat that.



12. Nope, that’s not an old burrito, it’s actually a geode.



13. Let’s play a little game…

14. Behold the ancient bacon!



15. That’s pink fiber insulation. It may look like candy but trust me, you do NOT want it in your tummy. Also it may not be pink at all, I’m just colorblind.