Hilarious “Meitu” Transformations Taking Over The Internet By Storm! (26 Photos)


Have you tried this magnificent Meitu app yet? Well, I’m not gonna say you should, because, apparently, it requires quite a set of suspicious permissions to be installed on your phone, but if you’re up for a little gambling, give this Chinese app a spin!

The app itself has a fairly straight forward concept: take a selfie, apply numerous filters, transformations, sprinkle the pic with some Meitu magic, and – boom! – you look like an anime character now! Not gonna lie, this does sound super fun, and internet has been having a lot of fun with pictures of celebs, politicians, movie and video game characters, turning even the most intimidating killing machines like the Hulk and Vladimir Putin into a blushing kawaii mess.

Ready or not, these 26 Meitu-fied photos will hit you where it hurts – straight to the heart, of course. Enjoy!



1. DiCaprio isn’t the worst-looking guy out there, but this is just too much.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (1)



2. Pretty sure this is Leslie Nielsen. Or at least his much handsomer brother.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (2)



3. Slap a pair of boos on this chick, and I’ll think about it.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (3)

4. Trump the Angelic or the new Joker?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (4)



5. Vova Putin looks like the worst-camouflaged drag queen ever.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (5)



6. And so does Obama, to be fair.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (6)



7. Ellen, is that you? Why are you wearing chef’s attire?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (7)

8. If Johnny looked this cute in the movie, all that bad stuff probably wouldn’t even happen.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (8)



9. Oh hey, it’s Kim K’s man-purse.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (9)



10. Do you feel pretty, punk? Well… do ya?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (10)

11. I can’t… who even is this? Magneto?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (11)



12. Even John Rambo wants to feel pretty once in a while.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (12)



13. Now this is a selling pic. If an app can get Steve Buscemi from 3 to a 6 – that’s damn good app!
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (13)



14. Just imagine this Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible movie.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (14)

15. Mad Max turned into Nyan Max?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (15)



16. Sherlock Holmes…
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (16)



17. and doctor Watson solving the mystery of their transformation
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (17)

18. RDJ looks like his usual self though.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (18)



19. And there’s the Mean Green himself!
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (19)



20. Cap’s here to assemble the Cutevengers?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (20)

21. Even Groot got a makeover, what do you know!
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (21)



22. Not just the Rock – the blushing Rock!
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (22)



23. And now a few video game characters, starting with Nathan Break, I mean Drake
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (23)

24. When killing griffins and vampires isn’t enough, the Witcher turns to his other hobby.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (24)



25. Not sure Zarya needed this makeover, but hey, at least she’s actually a woman!
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (25)



26. And finally, what will you do when the Hitman steals your heart instead of shooting it…?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (26)