Here’s How Internet Meme Stars Look Like IRL


Memes are truly the greatest cultural achievement of the XXI century. But they’re also the worst. Depending on who you’re asking. One way or another, memes are definitely a phenomenon. Some are funny, others make you think, or even change your life in some way, but we rarely take into account that those are real living (most of the time, at least) people. Being a living meme can change people, and you’re gonna see exactly how.



1. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
His name’s Zeddie..? Who names their child Zeddie? Well, either way, this dude’s popularity peaked in 2012, when he became a meme. He still remembers those days, and cherishes them as a very positive experience.



2. Salt Bae
This Turkish god of meat – Nusret Gökçe, is probably the most famous chef after Gordon Ramsey. You’ve all seen him do his thing, and if you haven’t – well, just google “salt bae”.

3. First World Problems
For the longest time I did not understand what this meme was all about, but then it hit me – I didn’t have those First World Problems. Her name’s Silvia Bottini, and, as it turns out, she’s a model-slash-actress from Italy.

4. Think About It
All it took was 1 single GIF from Kayode Ewumi’s “Hood Documentary” to make Kayode himself one of the biggest meme stars on the Internet.



5. Cash Me Ousside, Howbow Dah
One dumb girl says one stupid phrase again and again – gets famous. Call me a hater but this one doesn’t deserve the fame.

6. Math Lady / Confused Lady
Can you believe these photos are actually shots from some Brazilian telenovela? Yeah, I’d never have guessed that.

7. Ancient Aliens
You know how Giorgio A. Tsoukalos became famous? The answer is quite easy… ALIENS!



8. Hide The Pain Harold
Harold, or should I say András Arató, on the other hand really does deserve every single meme award out there. His iconic facial expression was a result of hours upon hours of posing in a long modeling session.

9. Grumpy Cat
There’s the celebrity we all know and love! Grumpy Cat is probably one of the most recognizable felines ever, thanks to her (yeah, it’s a she) displeased expression. Fun fact: Grumpy’s owner Tabatha Bundes cashed in of her kitty’s popularity and made quite a few millions on t-shirts, pins, and other merch! Way to go, mom!