Ed Sheeran’s Bodyguard More Famous Than Ed Sheeran Himself?


The Internet is a weird place. Some people idolize Ed Sheeran, others can’t stand him. But regardless of how you feel about him or his music, you do not want to miss his bodyguard Kevin’s Instagram shenanigans. Kev (mostly) posts photos of Ed and himself in various situations like eating together, taking pictures together, and generally having fun.


If you don’t mind, let me bore you with some fun trivia about these two! Ed Sheeran hired Kevin in 2015, after he was “attacked” by one of his fans. He wasn’t hurt, but decided not to tempt fate. Mere three years later Kevin Myers learned about Instagram and became its Champion. At least Ed doesn’t mind these shenanigans, and lets Kev use his celebrity status as a leverage. Everyone wants to be a star, right?


Usually Kevin posts some B-roll shots of him and Ed, but there are also semi-decent photos from concerts, vacations, and whatever else Ed does. Not a single Game of Thrones pic, though. Go follow Ed and Kevin too, if you haven’t done so already. Meanwhile, I’ll leave some pics for the undecided.


1. When you’re hungry and wanna go home, but your bae has a meet-up with fans.


2. Great. They’re like an old married couple!

3. Someone’s been listening to the Police, huh? “… I’ll be watching you…”


4. This rare shot of Kevin sitting was snapped when he found out he had more Instagram followers than Ed.

5. Snowflakes and chill?


6. Aww, a lil’ photosesh for the ginger bae…

7. Wait, is this one of those infinity pools? That’s rad!


8. – Hey, look, dad, I’m eating a hot-dog!
– Yeah, give me all your teen fan girls, Eddie!

9. As the proper Champion of Instagram, Kev decided to hire Ed as his servant.


10. Ed’s face says it all. It’s all fun and games until you get squished.

11. Kevin’s the big spoon for sure.


12. Look, dad, it’s the haters! We better run, ’cause we can’t take a joke!