Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best Photoshop Model Ever


Cristiano Ronaldo – CR7 for the pals – is known for two things: football and being a drama queen. Whether you think he’s a better player than Messi or not, it’s fairly obvious who’s the better model of the two. Cristiano is known to be a very vain person, often caught smiling when he can see himself on the big screen inside the stadium. Nothing makes Ronaldo happier than seeing Ronaldo, I guess. But at least he always gives 110%.
Of course the best thing to do with a vain football player that acts like a sassy model, is turn him into a model. A Photoshop model, that is. It might not be a real job, but today it’s his job. Take Ronaldo in a weird pose, add random shit to it and hilarity is bound to ensue. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones – it’s gonna get Messi!



The Euro 2016 pose
This one is golden. If you’re trying to stop a football kicked by some of the best players in Europe, you might want to cover your lil’ balls. Ronaldo did just that, but if you screenshot it at the right time, he looks like a pansy. Which of course is perfect for the Photoshop wizards to work their dark magic. How a pose of genuine fear for one person, can turn into a source of laughter for everyone else. Thanks, internet. Never change.



And here are the results:


Posing in front of his Lambo
And the newest one is probably the best. Ronaldo bought a Lamborghini Aventador (as you would, if you were rich) and thought he’d pose in front of it, looking all tough and shit. Of course, the internet jumped on the occasion to make a fool out of him once again. Because why wouldn’t it – he’s such an easy target.



If you’re gonna look like an action figure, guess what the internet does to you:



Conclusion: never try to look scared or badass on the internet, kids. It’ll ruin you. Ask CR7.