Creative Wallpapers to Cover Up Your Cracked Phone Screen

Every adult, teen, and child these days has a smartphone, and it’s really awesome that we as a civilization have managed to go from wall writings in caves, all the way through clay boards, papyrus and paper straight to staring into the screens of our gadgets. Of course, there are a few drawbacks, one of the major ones being said screens, and how fragile they are.

In fact, if a smartphone was a boss enemy in a game, its weak spot would be a big pulsating screen. If you’ve ever dropped/hit/hammered/sat on your phone or iPad you’ve probably seen a mesmerizing mosaic of cracks, like a flower that blooms from destruction. But don’t fret, there is a cheap way to cover up your smashed screen!

So, here are a few of the more creative wallpapers for your cracked screen. Enjoy!



How about some Sasuke from Naruto? Looks pretty badass to me.



Or the Whitebeard himself from One Piece!
creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-02 creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-03

Or you can keep it sarcastic and snarky.



Maybe you’re an Iron Man fan?
creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-05 creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-06

There’s also Goku
creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-07 creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-08



The undefeated meme champion – Chuck Norris

The Planet Express



Elsa from Frozen

Bruce Lee (who actually beat Chuck Norris, so HAH!)



Ken from Street Fighter




Everybody loves One Punch Man.
creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-15 creative-wallpapers-to-cover-up-your-cracked-phone-screen-16

Captain America’s indestructible shield.



Miley Cyrus and her trusty sledgehammer (which is probably fake, BTW)

Or maybe you like Ryu from the Street Fighter



And my favorite – your friendly neighborhood *thwip* Spider-Man



Have you ever had to “fix” your cracked screen like that? If not, which wallpaper would you use?